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Filtered Water

By Mikhaila

I used to scoff at filtered water, and I actually liked the taste of tap water better.

I haven’t done much research into why you should drink filtered water but I can tell you from personal experience, it upsets my stomach. Even worse, I made a bunch of chicken broth when I was pregnant to freeze, and for the first batches, I used regular tap water in it. I figured because I was boiling it, it would get rid of whatever was bad in it? Anyways the broth I froze that used boiled tap water upsets my stomach. I know I’m extremely sensitive but the fact that I can do a blind test and tell when it’s tap water freaks me out. Better safe than sorry.

I realized tap water was giving me stomach issues because I never filtered the water I made for tea… because I was boiling it. And then tea started to bother me so I was thinking I was sensitive to my tea. But it turned out it was just the water. Strange. So now I boil filtered water for tea and soup.

On the bright side, it seems to only bother my stomach (and by that I mean, it upsets my digestion, makes me bloated, and makes my stomach audibly squeak…. yup). It doesn’t seem to hit my arthritis or mood, but my stomach gets squeaky enough that people can notice (haha) soooo I don’t drink it. Also, that seems like something that water shouldn’t do…

Anyway, I have a fridge that filters water and that doesn’t bother my stomach, and I use a Brita like the following:

Canadian Brita

American Brita

My parents have some sort of fancy filtration system built into their sink (googled it: it’s a reverse osmosis filtration system). I highly recommend that. It’s super convenient. But it’s expensive so I don’t have one. It probably filters water better than the Brita and my fridge filters, but the filters I use seem to stop tap water from making my stomach squeak sooo, good enough until I’m rich 🙂

This is their filtration system for anyone who can afford it. You don’t just buy it though, you have to spend more money… I’m not sure why but it’s not just the cost of the machine. It’s realllly nice though.

So yeah, switch to filtered water. If you’re trying to get rid of toxins and figure out what’s bothering you, it’s best to eliminate all variables. Tap water is definitely a variable.

UPDATE 2018: Since doing zero carb I’ve been able to drink tap water with no problems. Stomach upset back then may have been caused by what I was eating. I’d still be careful with tap water quality if you’re super sensitive, but don’t worry too much if your tap water is high quality. Doesn’t seem to bother me anymore.

UPDATE 2022: Don’t be a moron – get a filter, brita’s aren’t very good they can get moldy. Don’t drink out of plastic. And yeah, don’t drink tap water. What you eat is higher priority but just do your research and drink clean water.

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  1. Hey, have you ever thought about using an in home water filter? When you bathe, you absorb all the stuff that you would drink if you were to drink tap water. Absorption of chlorine/chloromine/chloromides really easy to do when you’re showering, for instance. You breathe in the warm water vapors that have sanitation elements in them.

  2. Love your father! I viewed a Youtube today and that’s where I learned about you overcoming health issues. Have a look at Berkey Water filters. They have simplified out water issues

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