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Flare-ups caused by a cold/flu and plane rides

By Mikhaila

So I’ve noticed more and more that when I get sick I get a flare up. I knew this before but it’s changed a bit.

I used to get sick every single time I flew. It would be a fever and it would last about two days. Sometimes it would evolve into bronchitis. Literally every time I flew. It happened to dad too. We’d travel, be in bed for 2 days with a fever, and then be fine. So I started wearing masks on planes and boom, problem solved. It was hard to believe because I thought there was a period of time after you catch something where you don’t show symptoms, and I’d literally be sick as soon as I left the plane (basically). But the mask thing worked.

When I went super low carb I thought I was invincible and didn’t wear a mask on a plane to Europe. I had the fever by the time I got to Prague. It evolved into bronchitis over the next three weeks.

Anyway, now that I’m only eating beef, salt, and water. I feel invincible yet again. So I stopped wearing a mask. Because I don’t learn apparently, and masks are annoying. When I went to Hawaii in May I had diarrhea for about 5 days after the plane ride. I thought it was because of the beef there (I bought beef from Costco). Now I’m not so sure… I’ll have to test out Costco beef again. I think it’s from the plane ride. I just got back from a family vacation and the same thing has happened. Scarlett caught something too this time which is how I realized what was going on. It looks like that fever I used to get after planes has changed into something else. It’s pretty minor, mostly just diarrhea and an overall icky feeling. I’m getting better now but here’s what happens when I catch a cold or get a flu:

  • diarrhea for about 5 days (or other flu/cold symptoms)
  • my skin breaks out (I have a breakout on my chin and chest and shoulders right now)
  • arthritic flare up (my right elbow is killing me and my right big toe is swollen, and I can feel it in my right pinky) this NEVER happens unless I eat something wrong or I’m sick.
  • body odour (I never have body odour unless I eat something wrong or I catch something)
  • minor mood dip and minor lower back pain (these symptoms never show up separated)
  • overall restless feeling
  • Brain fog

I hardly ever get sick on this diet. I used to be sick all the time. I basically had bronchitis most of the time. I’m hardly ever sick and now when I’m sick I can barely tell. But I do get autoimmune symptoms when it happens. And if I’m in a plane, I never get away with it without catching something. How strange is that? Also pretty gross. Anyway, it’s a not a big deal, I’m fine. I’ve been sauna-ing it out. But if you start getting symptoms after a plane ride, same. A medical mask seems to solve it for me.

I’m going to LA next week and I’ll wear a mask and see if it happens again.

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  1. This is fascinating!

    The improvement of your health is a miracle, Mikhaila, I hope you figure this one out too and connect all the dots – these are some strange, strange clues.

    This points to your immune system being overactive perhaps? It viciously attacks the “germs” on the plane and the reaction lasts for a long time, maybe too long, this gives you the symptoms, and then it also viciously attacks almost all the food you eat. What do you think?

    What do you know about your immune system other than the usual measure of level of granulocytes? Or better, has anyone been fascinated enough by your condition in the scientific community to try to figure out what is going on?

  2. I don’t get sick much, but I learned about 10 years ago that flying will make me sick 100% of the time, and way sicker than any other time I’m sick. The last time I flew I wore a mask too, from the time I entered the airport. It helped as I still got sick, but only mildly for about 12 hours. Glad to know that meat/salt/water doesn’t necessarily protect from that. I tend to feel like I’m under a new set of rules, too, as I feel better and better eating this way.

  3. That’s really interesting. I have a long history of annual bouts of awful bronchitis (three times where I cracked ribs with coughing), and always, always, catch something respiratory on planes. I had assumed it was just the low, low, low humidity on planes drying out my airways. Somehow it never occurred to me to wear a mask– I will certainly give that a go next time.

  4. It could just be psychosomatic – you know, an anchor, that your body responds to. Try NLP, or Ericksonian Hypnosis, that might do the trick too – best of luck!

  5. Mikhalia,

    Maybe you are having die-off symptoms for some reason or another. There was an interesting website I found that spoke about these types of things. It was called healing naturally by bee. The brief premise was to follow the eating guidelines she came up with and for every year you were sick that’s how many months you would have to be on the diet. (Although it seemed as though it was never a good idea to go off once you were eating this way even if you were healed). I’m guessing for you it’d be as old as you were that you’d have to eat that way and while taking supplement / strictly eating her meal plan you’d experience die off symptoms. And the thing is maybe we have I’ll-ness or what we call being “sick” all wrong. Maybe the body creates the “sick” to return the body back to normal. Almost like homeostasis. I find this way of thinking pretty fascinating. Like it’s actually creating the illness to be healthy again. So next time you feel sick maybe think of it as your body creating something to return back to optimization. Most of the time my way of thinking is 99% wrong because when it comes down to it I don’t know that much. I think you often have those same thoughts. I tend to dislike suggesting things because like I said above I don’t know muc and when I think I do that validates my ignorance. It is a good thing that you are so in tune with your body and take that much care for yourself. It certainly is difficult to follow such regimen for a long period of time. Best of luck in your journey.

    Kind regards,

  6. Hi Mikhaila Thank you for the blog I’m a new subscriber. I found you through you dad I saw an interview you did when you was young with your dad and then the one after you first changed your diet. That was about a year ago. I was so inspired by you. I suffer from UCTD which stands for undifferentiated connective tissue disease I have lupus and rheumatoid arthritis depression anxiety and bone cysts I’m 49 and been I’ll since my early 20’s. I had been told I would be on anti depressants for the rest of my life. I was on tons of pain meds as well.
    To see your transformation was awe inspiring to me and gave me hope. Especially the possibility of being able to come off anti depressants. I can’t list my symptoms they’re too many but typical joint pain brain fog fatigue skin probs headaches digestive you know the ones. So I spoke to my Gp and because of the digestive problems she tested me for Celiac disease which thankfully I don’t have but I’m gluten intolerant. I went gluten free and within three months I was off all my tablets! My brain fog cleared so I was able to do some research into my condition which has helped me come to terms with my life. I then went lactose free as well. I feel a lot better. I’ve been off my tablets for about 8 months now after being on them for almost 3 decades. I’m so happy about that. I identified with your latest blog I get those symptoms to ….. wonder why the pinky finger? I’m so happy I found this blog your dad mentioned it in a video and I signed up straight away as I’ve always wanted to thank you for speaking publicly about what went through because it’s hard to open up like that. I’m so glad you did. I’m feeling pretty good right now I’m eating just meat and greens and drinking lemon and ginger water. I still take my Plaquinell as the symptoms returned within two weeks of stopping that but that’s the only one I take now. I still need to eradicate sugar from my diet. It is so addictive I rely on it’s false boost so I can walk my dogs or clean my room. Energy drinks. Bad bad bad. Anyway I’m a work in progress. I thank God the universe or whoever for you and your dad a may you and your entire clan be blessed and prosper.

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