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Flare-ups caused by a cold/flu and plane rides

By Mikhaila

So I’ve noticed more and more that when I get sick I get a flare up. I knew this before but it’s changed a bit.

I used to get sick every single time I flew. It would be a fever and it would last about two days. Sometimes it would evolve into bronchitis. Literally every time I flew. It happened to dad too. We’d travel, be in bed for 2 days with a fever, and then be fine. So I started wearing masks on planes and boom, problem solved. It was hard to believe because I thought there was a period of time after you catch something where you don’t show symptoms, and I’d literally be sick as soon as I left the plane (basically). But the mask thing worked.

When I went super low carb I thought I was invincible and didn’t wear a mask on a plane to Europe. I had the fever by the time I got to Prague. It evolved into bronchitis over the next three weeks.

Anyway, now that I’m only eating beef, salt, and water. I feel invincible yet again. So I stopped wearing a mask. Because I don’t learn apparently, and masks are annoying. When I went to Hawaii in May I had diarrhea for about 5 days after the plane ride. I thought it was because of the beef there (I bought beef from Costco). Now I’m not so sure… I’ll have to test out Costco beef again. I think it’s from the plane ride. I just got back from a family vacation and the same thing has happened. Scarlett caught something too this time which is how I realized what was going on. It looks like that fever I used to get after planes has changed into something else. It’s pretty minor, mostly just diarrhea and an overall icky feeling. I’m getting better now but here’s what happens when I catch a cold or get a flu:

  • diarrhea for about 5 days (or other flu/cold symptoms)
  • my skin breaks out (I have a breakout on my chin and chest and shoulders right now)
  • arthritic flare up (my right elbow is killing me and my right big toe is swollen, and I can feel it in my right pinky) this NEVER happens unless I eat something wrong or I’m sick.
  • body odour (I never have body odour unless I eat something wrong or I catch something)
  • minor mood dip and minor lower back pain (these symptoms never show up separated)
  • overall restless feeling
  • Brain fog

I hardly ever get sick on this diet. I used to be sick all the time. I basically had bronchitis most of the time. I’m hardly ever sick and now when I’m sick I can barely tell. But I do get autoimmune symptoms when it happens. And if I’m in a plane, I never get away with it without catching something. How strange is that? Also pretty gross. Anyway, it’s a not a big deal, I’m fine. I’ve been sauna-ing it out. But if you start getting symptoms after a plane ride, same. A medical mask seems to solve it for me.

I’m going to LA next week and I’ll wear a mask and see if it happens again.

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  1. I meant to say in the above comment, “Try to choose flights with that plane and don’t wear a mask and see what happens.”

  2. Wow, this might explain why my baby and I got got cold symptoms after recently flying. Good tip! We’ve been doing zero carb for 11 months now. Thanks for continuing to share your story!

  3. Hi Mikhaila,

    I’m reposting my earlier comment that’s still “awaiting moderation” this time without the links. I’m not sure if you had seen this comment.

    Since you get sick so quickly, it’s less likely an infection and more likely a poisoning. It might be ”Aerotoxic Syndrome.”

    As described in a newsdotcomdotau article “Aerotoxic syndrome can occur when the cabin air, which is “bled” in from the engines to pressurise it, is compromised. This bleed air can be contaminated with heated engine oil fumes that contain hazardous chemicals, which crews and passengers breathe and may also absorb through the skin.”

    The mask may have been saving you from the poisoned air. You may be like the canary in the mine. Perhaps everyone should wear a mask. The Boeing 787 Dreamliner has a new advanced outside-only air system. Try to choose flights with that plane and don’t wear a mask and see what happens.

    1. Thanks so much for posting this info on Mikhaila’s page, Michael. I’m going to pass it on to my son who has to travel a lot for his gigs. I think you’re right about Mikhaila being the canary in a coal mine and we should all make it standard practice to wear masks when we fly so as not to tax our systems all the time.

    2. Hi teedee126,

      What has been hidden for years is now finally being recognized as a significant health risk associated with flying. Tell your son to search the term “Aerotoxic Syndrome” and he will find an abundance of information on-line.

  4. Mikhaila, could swimming in a pool cause a reaction if you accidently ingest some of the chloride water?
    or accidently ingesting minute amounts of soap through the nose when showering?

    or am i overthinking these things that are not related to food?

    1. Ok thx 🙂 it’s been 3 weeks and a half now and i’m really feeling better, still not good, but it’s working for sure!

    2. I look forward to feeling normal again 🙂

      If i have a reaction, how fast after ingesting something will i know? i used some scissors to open my ground beef but i saw afterwards that there was a little bit encrusted sauce on the scissor from my mom using it the day before, i don’t think any got loose whilst opening the ground beef, but i’m so paranoid x)

    3. Don’t worry. It’s too exhausting worrying about every little thing. If it’s something tiny like that it would take a while to notice and it wouldn’t be too bad.

    4. Could swallowing a hair cause a reaction? or are non-food environment things (dust and such) not a concern?

    5. Doesn’t seem like it. Just give it some more time. I haven’t had a reaction to pollen or dust or anything. Just regular allergy reactions, not depression or anything.

    6. Ok, i swallowed one of my hairs when eating ribeye, knowing that it’s not meat i started to wonder if it could cause a reaction.

      thx again 🙂

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