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Guest Post: Healed Chronic Fatigue, Anxiety/Depression, Fibromyalgia, Dermatitis and more!

By Mikhaila

The person who wrote this post didn’t leave a name, but I’m glad you’re feeling better!!

“I’m a 35 year old female who has had health issues my entire adult life. If I think about the origin, it’s in large part to Mikhaila and Jordan Peterson that my life has dramatically changed. I cannot say thank you enough. I’ve had chronic fatigue, muscle/joint issues, anxiety/depression, stomach and skin issues my entire adult life. I’ve tried literally everything, been on a paleo style diet for 7 years, and absolutely nothing helped. I just had to push myself through life, always trying my best to hide the fact that I felt like garbage despite the fact that I looked fine on the outside. I discovered Jordan Peterson about 6 months ago and then learned about how you and your family’s health has improved on the diet. After overcoming a big psychological block with the weirdness of this diet I switched to keto for 1 month, and then carnivore (after not eating red meat since I was kid), and about 75% of all my symptoms are completely gone. It is like a miracle, beyond extraordinary.

Mikhaila – Congrats on going “against the grain” (haha) and popularizing this simple solution which has the power to help so many. Wish you continued health and all the best!!

Hopefully, the word can spread so that others can easily achieve an improved quality of life.”

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  1. That’s so wonderful Mikhaila!! You must be so encouraged. Helping others have better lives, it’s the best!

  2. Greetings from Denmark. (That´s right, the message has reached Scandinavia. He he.) 🙂
    Just want to express my deepest admiration for you and your work. I´ve been a big fan of you (and your father) for quite a while, and live by the carnivore diet myself. It has worked wonders for my energy and for my mental state! And my bad skin is clearing up too. Yeih!
    Keep up the good work, Mikhaila. You´re so cool…! 😀

    Much love from Monika.

  3. Mikhaila, someone told me they got rid of food intolerances with helminth therapy, they were able to eat other foods than meat again without symptoms after one dose, however i’m a bit skeptic (and i can’t afford it).

    I’ll just leave the link here in case your FMT doesn’t work out: https://helminthictherapywiki.org/wiki/index.php/Introduction_to_helminthic_therapy

    (there’s a page on ‘providers’ where you can buy the helminths)

    greetings 🙂

  4. I know this way of eating and lifestyle will cure many issues I have but the one thing I am afraid of the most and has prevented me so far is having Diverticulitis. I have been hospitalised three times in three years and many flares with antibiotics. If I knew that the Lion diet would be safe I would jump on it so fast!

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