How To Wean Off Things Like Caffeine, Alcohol, Nicotine, Drugs, etc.

First off, get on the Lion Diet. This strict all-meat diet is going to provide your body with the things that are most beneficial while removing all that which is harmful. This diet is going to give you the best chance at tackling any addictions you may have. For many people, after only a short time on the diet their addictions fade. Some quit cold turkey but the general advice when it comes to handling addictions is to wean off the substances. Here is what you would do for caffeine for example:

Getting off caffeine cold turkey can be extremely unpleasant and cause caffeine withdrawal. If you’re used to drinking coffee or tea all the time, figure out what amount of caffeine you’re consuming. 1 cup of coffee/ 1 espresso = approx. 64mg caffeine, 1 cup of tea = approx. 26mg caffeine. Switch from coffee/espresso/tea to caffeine pills. Caffeine pills generally have 200mg of caffeine so you’ll need get a pill cutter and cut them in half or a quarter to get the dose right. Start with the same amount of caffeine in pill form and then over the next few weeks wean down and off them, comfortably. The caffeine pills are available at most pharmacies or on Amazon. Pills are much less likely to cause an autoimmune response than coffee and are much easier to get off of.

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