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“I’m too busy to eat like this, it’s too expensive,” and other excuses

By Mikhaila

“I’m too busy”

  • If you’re too busy (and you’re not THAT sick), cut out gluten and dairy. If you live in a big city this is usually fairly easy. If you think that’s too difficult, cut out gluten. But you have to be strict about it. Do it for a month, reintroduce it, and when you realize how awful it’s making you feel, cut out dairy. Or do more.

If you’re really sick, then make time. Invest in a slow cooker, make 40 hamburgers and eat that and salad. It’s not that yummy but who cares? This is your health. This is important. If you have some minor symptoms (minor anxiety/ depression (as if that exists right?), minor fatigue that you can fight off, and that’s all), you have your future body to worry about. By the time your 40-50 you’ll be feeling the stuff you put into your body. There’s no such thing as too busy. If you live with someone, ask them to try it with you. It’s a lot easier that way. If you have to do it yourself, you can do it. The first two weeks are the hardest, sometimes you get hungrier, and have some other problems arise as you’re detoxing. It’s your body, and (coming from someone who was really sick), you can’t buy health.

“It’s too much money” (buying organic and buying meat is more than buying junk its true – but that’s because it’s actually food).

  • For the month you try the diet, you won’t be eating out. That saves you money so it’s not as expensive as it seems. If you really can’t afford organic, do non organic anyways. Sometimes they give me a bit of a digestive problem, but they haven’t given me a flow blown reaction, so don’t worry too much.

“I have school/ work full time, I’ll start in the summer”.

  • don’t be lazy man, do it now. It’s only a month. It involves packing a lunch but just make a huge dinner and eat it the next day. The difference you feel in a month is out of this world. It’s worth it.

“I’m a vegan”

  • Great! Half way there. Cutting out dairy is a major step in the right direction to you’re your body. That’s probably what’s making you feel better (some people go vegan and feel great), unfortunately, cutting out meat isn’t a great option. I don’t eat pork for ethical reasons, and I buy through a Mennonite community so I know the animals are treated well. This is a better option. It’s great to care about the way animals are treated but this is your health. Bring back in some meat, and cut out the soy and grains.

“I’m a vegetarian”

  • Stop being a vegetarian. Buy through ethically sourced meat companies. Find a Mennonite community or a Quaker community. Buy organic, buy grass-fed, etc. Make sure the animals you’re eating have been raised properly. By cutting out meat you’re cutting out one of the foods that your body can process with the least problems (assuming your intestines aren’t super damaged). You’re still eating dairy which is terrible for you.. and you’re probably getting your protein from soy and filling up the rest of your plate with grains. Have fun trying to not have anxiety with that diet! This is the best diet to gain weight for as well. Or I could say, it’s the hardest way not to gain weight. At least if you’re vegan, you don’t have the dairy poisoning you.

“I don’t know how to cook”

  • This is a pretty valid excuse. This diet requires cooking. I’m working on a recipe section, and I’ll try to figure out how to solve this problem… I’ll put up some super duper easy ways to cook soon, that’ll help.

“It’s too hard – I’m too sick”

  • If you’re really sick, (like getting out of bed is hard sick, and this amount of work for food it too much), medicate. I am not a fan of medication, but if I hadn’t been medicated, I would never have been able to figure all this stuff out. I barely had enough energy to leave my bed, let alone cook. Ordering food is what I did. Without adderall for the fatigue, and antidepressants for the mood, I wouldn’t have been able to do this. If you’re suffering from a serious mental or physical problem and you’re really messed up, see a doctor if you’re not already. Antidepressants are a godsend. They’re not anywhere near being not depressed, but if you need help out of a slump, see a doctor. I was on an SSRI (cipralex 40mg). It was a high dose, but it’s what I needed. Without that and adderall I would have been too sick. Medicate first, and then try the diet. You’ll be able to tell when you don’t need the medication anymore.  If you’re super depressed, go see a doctor and try an SSRI. You can always stop taking it. They work in about 2 days for me. That 3 week-6 week thing they tell you about is BS.

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  1. I’m not sure if this has come up in your reading, but I have found that a lot of people who have issues with dairy can consume milk from heritage breeds, especially Guernseys. Practically all the milk that hits the mass market is from the Holstein breed which produces higher milk yields – but that milk contains the A1 beta-casein protein that many people react to. The Guernsey breed and other heritage breeds produces milk with exclusively A2 protein that is easier to digest, which may partially account for the adaptive value of dairy consumption for our ancestors.

  2. Ground beef 80/20 is super easy, fast and affordable. It’s all you need.

    1. Definitely not. If you cook less at a time it should end up crunchy. Don’t stir it until it browns. If it ends up soggy there might be too much in the pan. Make sure the pan is hot when you put it in too!

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