Jan 11 Super Quick Update

Hi everyone!!

I’m sorry for such a long hiatus a bunch of things happened.

  1. I got a reallllly nasty cold. I was sick for 15 days, Scarlett got sick too but was only sick for 9. Super scary. I was all worried about bronchitis and antibiotics and god knows what, but we both survived and recovered, antibiotic free.
  2. I started taking a puffer because of the cold. I’m used to colds going into my lungs and turning into pneumonia… it happens without fail unless I take a puffer (Advair). Turns out the puffer had lactose monohydrate in it and so I had a reaction to that. Inhaled milk!!!! Shocking but true. But it was minor in comparison to how bad it could have been. So obviously I stopped the puffer but I’ve also been recovering from that. So be careful of puffers!
  3. I had a birthday! January 4th. I am now 26 and feel pretty old.
  4. Dad increased my workload by about 800%. I’ve been working full time, hopefully, it’ll calm down because I’d like to work on the blog… but for now, I am booked solid!

I’m going to try and write on the weekends until things calm down a bit. Hope everyone’s holidays were great!

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  1. Good to hear you’re both feeling better hope christmas went well for you and your family. Going to see your dad on sunday evening in the London talk nearly all went wrong when i got my car back from the garage the other day and they’d broken the wheel off my wheelchair luckily managed to get it fixed in time to go.
    Take care and hope you continue to stay well

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