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What do I mean by reaction? Explanation of an immune response/ reaction

By Mikhaila

Sorry, I was away for a bit. Had another reaction! The pregnancy made me a bit more sensitive, but fortunately that got me to clean up my diet a tiny bit more.

I get a lot of questions asking me if certain symptoms are “normal” or people wondering if their certain set of symptoms could be food related. Generally my answer is yes, there’s a good chance that’s a reaction to food. I believe bodies are supposed to work smoothly, and if something is wrong, it might be because the body is being poisoned. Not because we somehow evolved to be messed up (pretty much every doctor’s response to why you have an autoimmune disorder or a mental problem). “Why am I sick?” “Oh your body just isn’t working properly”. WRONG. Your body is protecting you from the poisons you’re putting in it, but because you keep putting poisons in it, the protection starts wounding your tissues.

I’ve done a LOT of research into this. I’ve read hundreds of papers. I’ll make this explanation super quick:

  1. You ingest something that your body decides is a pathogen, instead of food.
  2. Your immune system creates antibodies to that food (antigen)
    1. Basically the food is broken up into little bits and put on the outside of some of your cells. Those cells show these bits of food (antigens), to other cells, and those cells make antibodies to attack those foreign antigens. This happens with allergens, bacteria, fungi, viruses, etc. Almost anything foreign.
  3. The antibodies (also called immunoglobulins) and the rest of your immune system clear out the antigens.

What happens if you keep producing antigens?

  1. Antigens can build up faster than your body can remove them. Common places for them to build up are nerve sheathes, joints, skin, etc.
    1. It’s called a Type III hypersensitivity reaction, and I don’t believe it’s getting enough attention in the scientific community.
  2. Antigen build up causes major inflammation problems.
  3. One of the ways antibodies attack antigens is by releasing a chemical that’s similar to hydrogen peroxide.
    1. This would be fine for bacterial infections, but for something that you’re continuously putting into your body, it’s very harming. The hydrogen peroxide like chemical can start damaging your tissues. This would still be okay if you stopped putting the antigens in your body. But because the antigens can’t be cleared fast enough, they accumulated and the hydrogen peroxide like chemical keeps being released. Your tissues don’t have time to heal which leads to more and more damage. In my case, it ate all the cartilage in my hip and ankle leading them to be replaced. This can be serious.

If you have an autoimmune disease, you’re told that your body has made a mistake and is identifying your own tissues as foreign antigens. For me, this wasn’t true. And for many people, even if it is, it’s foods that trigger this response.

If you stop producing antigens (by removing the foods that get made into antigens), your body can clear out them out and you can start getting better. It’s literally as simple as that.

For some reason, these reactions make me super depressed. Not just depressed, they give me all the symptoms I’ve listed out in another page. But after the immune system clears out the antigen and the inflammation goes down, the symptoms go away again.

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  1. Mikhalia,

    Amazon: Thorne Research SF722 – Undecylenic Acid…..
    This is an amazing product for healing the digestive wall. I am not a doctor but have suffered miserably. If you don’t heal the digestive wall 1st your digestion will always be poor.
    Also Google: undecenoic acid or calcium undecylenate for treating candida. This is the best explanation I kind find for the effectiveness of this supplement along with many great Amazon reviews.
    I am guessing that you will see significant improvement within 1-2months. Then you should be able to take probiotics to start getting balance back into your digestive track. It still could be longer since your case is so extreme.
    Good Luck, Steve

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