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Guest Post: Mikhaila’s right! (Most likely)

By Mikhaila

This is written by Jay (cut the dairy too Jay! Good luck)

“It’s only been 2 weeks now, but I started off with taking gluten out of my diet. (Still having dairy). I guess my anxiety and lethargy decreased, mostly lethargy though, .And one night, I had soup, which I did not know contained wheat flour( gluten) , and I was feeling very weird and shit, and after half an hour or 45 minutes later, I realized I had soup which was out of routine, and then I checked the packaging and it said it contains gluten. Dayum, Mikhaila is right (but still a lot of research and all needs to be done). Thank you for having the courage to start this and I hope you solve the mystery, lol.
Now, I need to write it here so that other people who have or may benefit in the future, I am donating a certain amount to Mikhaila for her research, (hopefully each month), and some skeptics might think it’s a sham, and some always will, but just try the diet thing on your own for a month, it won’t harm you anyway, and then come at a conclusion.

Best regards

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  1. Mikhaila, I like what you are trying to do here. However, I wonder if you’ve ever considered that you might have a severe eating disorder. Have you taken an interesting idea like short-term elimination diets too far? Thank you, Tracey

  2. Wouldn’t a severe eating disorder be characterised by a negative outcome? Isn’t that by definition what a severe eating disorder is? Incidentally, as an epileptic, I will having a crack at this as it will put me into ketosis and the ratio of fat to protein is ideal.

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