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More Articles About the Lion Diet (2018)

By Mikhaila

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  1. Max Lugavere? Wonder why Livestrong chose him and not a more scientific person. Lugavere is middle road internet researcher.

  2. Oh, so now it is not that you “reportedly had arthritis” but that your cure is psychosomatic, i.e., the panacea effect. So, if you stop *believing* in a meat-only diet you will get sick again… *even if* you are still eating only meat.

    1. A strict diet of just meats is rather good for you, it would be of no surprise if this miracle discovery turns into the silver bullet cure for autism and other intractable diseases. For me, there is no better way to end the day than with a fine mutton

  3. Reading your comment about pepper causing a ‘flare up’ suggests that it’s either the pipperine in the pepper or the mycotoxins both would involve your liver. Pepper is often contaminated like the grains with mycotoxins.

    Have you done any liver flushes / cleanses? They could be very helpful. Can you drink coffee? It is often loaded with mycotoxins, like the grains this would antagonize your liver and offers one likely explanation for your symptoms.

    A safe way to start liver detoxing is with real lemon squeezed into tepid / warm water first thing in the morning for several weeks before looking at things like silymarin in milk thistle. Another thing would be the product tox / detox from oradix.com or chaga for the s.o.d.. (superoxide dismutase) Root canals and or ‘silver amalgums’ could be implicated -eating from aluminum cookware or teflon would be wise to avoid.

    You might look into Dr. Sherry Rogers or others versed in detoxing. I would bet that you would have a great response.

    1. Citrus fruits cause a reaction for some individuals and since Mikhaila had a strong reaction to clementines I’m not sure she’d want to risk using lemon juice. The meat diet alone is a cleanse for the body, including the liver.

    2. thanks missed that observation about the clementines. It just affirms that her issue is toxins.
      The body will detox more likely just on greens. The minerals in the meats will help but it depends on what toxins she needs to dump. Heavy metals will not leave of their own accord.
      You might try a very small amount of lemon juice in water and very slowly build up as it will help to feed the liver

  4. Here is some interesting review of carnivore diet. Author also mentions you and your dad.
    Author says that he “only scratches the surface”, however he explains why such diet should not cause vitamin deficiency.

    1. Vita-mins -Vital Minerals
      There is no better or simpler understanding of nutrition than minerals in the right form
      supplementation is sketchy as plants can convert them into a form that we need.
      Requires that they be grown in the non ‘green revolution’ way or you starve, or you eat
      animals that can eat grass -most minerally dense plant on the land.

      Why vegetarians and vegans get into trouble. Since livestock have full time access to
      mineral blocks (ruminants -cows sheep goats have 4 bacterial pouches that allows them to access minerals in the grasses and forbs) this way, they remain almost the only or sole source of nutrition for people. (Not to worry but authoritarian types that passed codex -treat all nutrients the same as toxins and limit their access soon ruminants to be relegated as ‘unsafe’ or vegans will win and end humanity. -No 4th generation vegans.

      There is no long term sustainable agricultural system known (using honest measuring sticks) other than mixed farming. Which is now generally financially un-viable because of subsidies (fiscal and regulatory cheap food policy -free $’s and rules for the competitors to tip the balance). If you switch to just chicken for your meat-raised on the g.m.o. grains you will fail -starve as the g.m.o. grains were designed to limit nutrients, like hybrid seeds (F1 limits nutrients) Chickens aren’t ruminants. All cows sheep and goats are raised on grass hence they have some nutrition -minerals. 100% grass fed ruminants is the superior strategy for nutrition. Opine or just plain fact?

      Most organically raised (in true sense of word not the now b.s. massaged definition -stretched to allow large agri-business in on the game) food in mineral rich soil (with a bunch of caveats -like open pollinated or heirloom seeds) will taste excellent. If your ‘certified organic produce’ tastes only slightly better than the conventionally raised garbage -hydroponic or raised in sand picked unripe and shipped 1500 miles)you are not really better off as the nutritional levels are so low that you cannot stave off disease. Which is why vitamin supplementation is required but will still have us fall short. Assay’s -empirical science confirm this.

      It’s why the Hunza’s live to 120 and we used to live to 72. The generations 50 years old and younger now will not make it to 70 as they didn’t start off with the food quality that was available in the 1950’s to the 1970’s.

  5. I’m going to quit smoking, it’s day 29 now on meat only, i feel better but still not good at all so it must be the tobacco smoke that’s still causing a reaction.

    do you think being around second hand smoke could trigger a reaction as well? i have a friend who smokes.

    1. Hi, Flo!

      LOTS of people have a rough time around weeks 4-6. Hang in there! ?? It gets so much better.

    2. Read them again to refresh the information when necessary. She refers to how long it took for ‘her’ specific ailments to start getting better, but some people take less time and some take more. It has taken me much longer to see results with my sleep issues compared to some people, but I’m going to just keep trusting that it will get better like my other conditions did 🙂

    3. Ok, that makes sense, it’s getting better day by day though, just not as fast as i expected 🙂

    4. teedee123, what other conditions did you have and how long did it take you to get better? my worst symptom is the constant anxiety/depression.

      the fatigue has become bearable however.

    5. It took me at least 6 weeks to get some major mood benefits. And then I had a huge up at the 90 day mark. Just keep going, it takes a while to heal your body! Keep taking care of it. It’s a good sign the fatigue is getting better.

    6. Ok, i didn’t know 🙂 i’m keeping going for sure, even though i’m still not feeling good i haven’t had this much improvement for years

    7. So it takes you 6 weeks to feel ‘normal’ again every time you had a reaction? but 24 days for the worst hellish depression symptoms to get better?

    8. No if I have a reaction it takes about 24 days. But switching over to the meat diet took longer to get used to. About 6 weeks and then it’s just been getting better and better

    9. That’s confusing, i guess i’m more sensitive so it will take longer then 24 days to feel good again

    10. What was the difference between a reaction and getting used to the meat diet? did it take you 6 weeks for the depression to lift?

    11. In addition to depression and anxiety, my main ailments were skin related: psoriasis, hives and eczema that have plagued me for at least 25 years. Also IBD, which was made far worse with the panic attacks and kept me housebound for almost 10 years. That was probably a worse nightmare than the many years of depression, but it’s hard to say, they were both horrible. My depression and anxiety had started to lift with the ketogenic diet over the past year, so the carnivore diet mainly lifted it all the way and made me feel more secure and confident than I’ve ever felt in life and that seemed to be within the first couple of weeks (but I’ve never kept close track of dates or anything, so any timelines I mention are approximate). My IBD has pretty much cleared up now and I don’t have the same fears of going out in public because of that, so I’m happy about that part. My skin has improved about 80%, but still gives me a sense of itchiness once in a while at night, but it’s also coming along. I’m going on 9 weeks and can’t ever imagine eating any other way. Just meat and water and I never dreamed I could do it. You’ll feel the same once your issues feel like they’re melting away and I know you’ll be saying the same things to someone else, soon. Hang in there and remember, there will still be things in life that can make us sad or worried, but it’s very, very different than when we had no idea why we were feeling so depressed and anxious for no apparent reason. Take care and stay strong, flo..

    12. Thx, i’m sticking with it for sure, it’s the only thing that seems to be working, even though progress is really slow.

      i’m glad you’re better!

    13. My mom brushed her hands together while eating a baguette, i could see the crumbs and flour flying around while i was standing next to her, do you think it’s possible i’ll get a reaction from inhaling this?

      i’d like to believe nothing entered my nose, but still a bit paranoid

    14. It’s very doubtful, flo. There’s always going to be dust, pollutants and microscopic crumbs around. Your body can handle it just fine and that’s why we sometimes need to blow our nose or cough a little, because our body has been busy gathering up those particles and sending it out of our body in a mucus base through the sinus passages. It means our body is just doing its job, so no worries. Remember, stress can be as bad as a poor diet, so focus on relaxing thoughts and activities if you want to feel good.

  6. As I said on FB: So, here’s the thing: If it works for you, run with it. The fact is, modern medicine “cures” cancer using things that cause cancer. If that doesn’t make you sit up and take notice… In the words of Dr. McCoy from Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home: “My god, what is this, the Dark Ages?!” 50 or 100 years from now, that’s exactly what people will say about modern medicine, just as we look back now at “bloodletting” as a ridiculous solution to illness. So, why not do a little “time travel” and figure things out for yourself?

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