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Morning Sickness Cure

By Mikhaila

My experience with morning sickness:

Whenever I ate something wrong I was incredibly nauseous. For instance, I started taking a prenatal that had soy and was nauseous that entire week (before I realized it had added soy). I had a severe reaction to something I ate and tried to take antidepressants. I actually ended up throwing those up. After the soy and antidepressant, when I was eating extremely low carb, no dairy, my nausea improved. I believe morning sickness is your body rejecting the food we weren’t supposed to eat while pregnant (or possibly at all). I think this will be easy to test out.

To get rid of morning sickness (or even just to see if it makes a difference)

  1. Have only meat for dinner one night (I found that I would still have morning sickness if I ate something wrong the night before). If you’re extremely concerned about limiting yourself this far, have a salad as well – lettuce, cucumber, apple cider vinegar and olive oil. Don’t add steak sauces, just have salt and pepper.
  2. Have only meat (or repeat with the above salad) in the morning and see how you feel.

The fact that I was able to control my morning sickness with diet seems obvious looking back. Evolutionarily it completely makes sense for our bodies to reject what isn’t good for us. The least you can do to try and reduce your morning sickness would be get rid of gluten and dairy, but that probably wouldn’t be good enough. Pregnant bodies are very sensitive. I’ve spoken with a number of mothers on low carb and their experiences were that their morning sickness improved with a low carb diet. I believe this is much healthier for you, and whatever is healthier for you is healthier for your baby. I believe if you’re experiencing morning sickness, it’s completely controllable with diet. Let me know your thoughts! And I of course will update with my next pregnancy.

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  1. Great post! Having gone through 3 pregnancies (before my awareness of low/no carb dieting) resulted in grueling nausea throughout the course of the entire pregnancy. I am now pregnant with my 4th and I would not even know I was pregnant, symptom-wise, if it wasn’t for this growing belly!

    For any ladies that stumble across this post that have suffered or are suffering from morning sickness, you’ve got to do a diet trial. Keto is a great way to start and can help segue into Mikhaila’s Carnivore diet more easily and effectively.

  2. Hi Mikaila! I love your work. The problem with low carb diets is when people take it to the extreme. Avoiding all processed foods is an amazing start especially when it comes to carbs. Fermentation in things like sourdough helps activate the nutrients in whole wheats. It’s borderline impossible to find a real sourdough baker though so I make my own. Commercial yeast is made for rising and not fermentation which is where health problems arise. The brain’s preferred source for fuel is glycogen which comes from carbs and the brain uses about 20% of our daily caloric intake so I wouldn’t recommend a diet under 20% carbs (real carbs like quinoa, beans, brown rice etc). What are your thoughts on this? I’d love to know your thoughts! I know low carb saved your life so I’d love to know if you’ve experimented with carbs etc. Congratulations on finding your health. I was morbidly obese and lose 160lbs and saved my life through eating whole food and exercise.

    1. Hey Oscar. It wasn’t low carb that saved her life, it was NO carb. When you don’t eat carbs, you burn fat for energy, and your liver also takes that fat and produces ketones, another fuel source for your body and your brain. You can live quite easily (as Mikhaila has done) on no carbs. Ketones seem to be a preferred energy source for the heart and brain. If the body needs glucose (for brain and red blood cells), then the liver can make all it needs.
      You’re absolutely correct in using fermentation to detoxify plants and make nutrients available (sourdough), cooking/steaming also seems to work.

    2. The problem is that each of us is different. One of my kids is intolerant to all fruit so the apple cider vinegar listed above would make him very sick. I can eat all the gluten and dairy I want, but cane sugar and potato make me sick. No single diet fixes everyone. What these stories do is give people with serious health issues things they can try to see if they will work. One size will never fit all. I tried going very low carb and felt awful so ate more again, but also found increasing meat and fat have helped me tremendously. Also organ meats make me feel wonderful, I am craving liver right now.

  3. Ok i’m having a bit of brainwave moment, is the fact meat is very slow to digest the reason why its working so well for people who get reactions to quick digesting foods?

    1. Hey Matthew. I wonder what speed of digestion has to do with reactions? Don’t you think meat might be working is because, unlike any other food, it supplies 99.9% of what we need? The only quick digesting foods I can think of are processed foods, like bread, and they dump a ton of sugar into your body, which certainly causes a reaction!

  4. Hey Mikhaila, good to know, and it makes sense! I know a few pregnant women, I’ll let them know this. Thanks.

  5. Hi Mikhaila. I was wondering what’s your experiance and thoughts with fasting? From my research and personal experiance, and having read about your experiances with changes in diet, it seems like it must’ve really benefited you in particular, but I can’t find any reference to it here.

  6. I was eating paleo when I got pregnant, and I had food aversions to everything I enjoyed. Meat tasted like copper, veggies tasted bitter. I have stayed gluten free, and try to eat whole unprocessed foods, but I really need to go back to lowish carb paleo after this baby gets out. Im lucky pregnancy seems to calm my autoimmune disease, but I am getting some stomach aches which I know are food related.

    1. Can you elaborate on why you are waiting to drop carbs until after the baby is out? I’m 19 weeks pregnant right now and consume under 15g of carbs per day, sticking with mostly meat. The biggest issue I see with paleo and whole foods is you are still getting all that sugar which is doing no good for you or the baby (not like it’s doing harm, just seems unnecessary to consume sugar is my point). I’d be curious if you dropped the carbs and consumed a fattier diet (like keto) if you’d be better off. That’s the thing with pregnancy though, you have to do what you feel is right for you! 🙂

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