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Guest Post: My Journey Back to Health

By Mikhaila

This post is written by Kathryn Rothman. YES! Thanks for the testimony! Glad you’re getting your life under control!

“I am a 34-year-old female who has been experiencing a whole slew of seemingly unrelated issues for over 10 years. It started with fibromyalgia type symptoms and numbness in my fingers especially when I would try to go to sleep. It hurt when people touched me. Even the slightest pressure was excruciating not to mention waking up at night if I could even get to sleep in the first place with horrible pain because my hands were numb for hours or as I tried to go to sleep, I could feel them going numb. Over the years I also started getting headaches, which I almost never had until my 20s, and backaches so bad I had to adjust my back 4 to 5 times a day to get minutes if relief. I was on the verge of giving up. I couldn’t imagine what 60 would feel like if 30 felt this bad.

I remained pretty active for someone in that amount if pain all the time. I exercised almost daily, held a full time job, tried to be the best mom and wife I could, and take care of my house and yard. I tried to eat pretty well, but loved carbs. I didn’t really think much of food allergies or autoimmune disorders for years until a friend of mine bought me a wooden necklace, which I still cannot wear it because I break out into a poison ivy type rash. This was years after the fibromyalgia type pain, numbness, and headaches started. After that incident, every time I ate tomatoes I would get itchy. It was the weirdest thing to me, but it got me looking into things. Here I am learning that people have allergies to food I eat all the time. I heard of gluten intolerance before but I just thought “Sucks for them. I can’t imagine life without bread.” It still wasn’t enough for me to make changes. I went on another year before I quit smoking (tobacco is a nightshade), and about another year before I start listening to all these people talk about food allergies. I did enough research by this time that I was convinced I had an autoimmune disorder. I had all the symptoms, but I kept reading it was almost pointless to see a doctor since most autoimmune symptoms look like other disorders most doctors don’t diagnose them properly.

As of about a month ago, I was in pain all the time. Headaches, back aches, inflammation, my sciatic nerve bothering me all the time, pain in my skin when I was touched. I had anxiety, mood swings, and I was always tired. I was taking Excedrin, Aleve, or sometimes prescription strength pain relievers pretty much daily if not several times a day. My son is an active 7-year-old, and I couldn’t be the mom I wanted to be. I couldn’t be the wife I wanted to be either. I mentioned to my husband I may need to see a doctor because I was so concerned about how often I was hurting.

I heard Jordan Peterson talk about him and his daughter’s journey with autoimmune disorders and changing their diet, then I started hearing so many other people talking about just how sick our food was making us. I finally reached a point where I was doing almost everything else right, meditating, exercising, eating fairly well, and I still wasn’t happy because I was in pain and tired. Up until a month ago, I didn’t know how I could ever give up so much food I love, but I had a choice to make. Either I could give this a shot or I could make an appointment with the doctor. I figured changing my eating was a cheaper route and if it didn’t work I could assess the situation then. I got the list of autoimmune protocol “do and don’t” foods and cut out most of the don’t’s. Nothing with gluten, no tomatoes, no potatoes, no bell peppers, no nuts, no soy. In 2 days I saw almost a 180 degree turn around. For the first time in over 10 years I was almost entirely pain free. Over the past month its only gotten better and better. When I’m stressed out, it’s still hard. The bad foods were my comfort foods, but not being in pain is the greatest gift I could ask for. I try to tell other people I know about my transformation. I mean, who knows how many people are essentially poisoning themselves and don’t even know. I have my whole life ahead of me now. I’m even considering a switch in careers to farming just so I can share my story and good food with others. I can’t express enough appreciation for those I heard talk about this, especially Dr. Peterson telling his daughter’s story.”

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  1. IMO going to this website was a great move on your part. Read Mikhaila’s posts on diet advice closely. There is a lot of great info in here. I’ve had struggled with burning foot pain for many years thought it wasn’t painful to the touch. I truly believe if I found this info many years ago I would have saved myself a lot of misery!
    The diet takes a lot of discipline but the reward is exponentially better!! So hang in there, you can do this, pulling for you!!

    1. oops, my bad. Only read the 1st paragraph and not your whole story.
      Congrats on the great work you did!

  2. I make mattresses for a living, & sell them directly to the consumer.
    Our worst out-of-their-mind complainer customers could learn from this. They ALWAYS blame the bed for their nocturnal pain, when it’s likely something else entirely.
    Too bad Big Hospital is not interested in solutions that don’t generate profits.

  3. nice 1. super happy for you kathryn. i noticed the onset of benefits (more energy, sleep pattern fixed instantly), also occurred absurdly quick for me. i try to convince everyone i meet about this diet, but i sound like a zealot, out of excitement haha.

    1. How about the flatulence from all of the carb eaters destroying the environment? Carbs cause gas. If you don’t eat carbs you literally don’t get gas. So I say all of the vegans are destroy the environment due to their carb eating ways producing flatulence. lmao.

  4. A meat diet may be okay for people who are suffering from neurological disorders but NOT for the general population who are healthy.
    Producing meat is very carbon intensive and the carbon footprint is large compared to other foods. Here is a comparison chart:
    Oh, and then there is all the methane flatulence from cattle and other animal herds… and methane gas is 17 times more destructive than carbon dioxide.

    1. And carbon footprint is not the same if you exclusively eat grass fed beef . The flatulence, and carbon footprint is particularly bad with grain fed beef. I buy a whole beef once a year from a farmer in Ontario who raises his cattle like nature intended . The downside to this is you don’t have a big proportion of steaks… lots of stews; you actually have to cook!

    2. Tell that to McDonalds, Arby, Wendy’s, Burger King…. and all the gourmet steakhouses…. the biggest purveyors of beef. The only cooking of meats is in the backyard barbecues stinking up the neighbourhoods with burnt flesh and carcinogenic steaks.

  5. Hi
    Just heard you got rid of floaters. Were yours really bad like seeing them in every light ? Like I do?

    ❤love Gisela from Sweden

    1. I see terrible floaters and the diet hasn’t really helped this though i do still drink coffee. I am hoping eliminating coffee will help me . Would love to know how you get on.

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