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New Safe Diet Food!

By Mikhaila

Hi all,

Big news, bad news. So for some reason, I’ve stopped being able to tolerate beef. It’s all I was eating and now I can’t stomach it, I guess the people who said I would sensitize to these foods were right. FORTUNATELY, I’ve found a solution. Insects. They’re basically meat and pretty crunchy. So far so good. I’ve only tried crickets but I’ve added links below to other insects. At least there’s more variety here, right? I highly doubt any insect would cause an IgG response, so they’re probably safe.

Black Ants – nothing added

Crickets – I’ve actually had to buy these from pet stores… For some reason, they don’t make crickets without adding a whole bunch of additives to them. The only ones I could find online were BBQ flavored, and many had added milk and sugar. How is that healthier?

The ones from pet stores are organic and have nothing added so they’re safe to consume. I used to feed them to my bearded dragons so that’s pretty funny.


  • The UN states that 20 percent of the world eats insects. Perhaps those are the parts of the world where obesity isn’t’ a problem? A coincidence? I think not.
  • A number of insects have a higher protein amount (per 100g) than beef!
  • It’s good for the environment (fuck bugs, amirite?). They take less water to raise than normal sources of protein (beef) and contribute much less to greenhouse gases.

Articles promoting bug consumption:


The Telegraph (coincidentally recently featuring my dad)

Time magazine

Will keep everyone posted.


April fools. Got my mom too! 🙂 Hope nobody got too concerned. I am not eating insects, meat is still a-okay and will be for a very long time.


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  1. If this blogger (Mikhaila) made an April Fool’s joke it would be clever and truly funny.
    Cultures that eat insects are – from my own personal viewpoint, (said The Dinosaur), old cultures that understand survival without artificial additives or sensual enhancers.
    Its not so long ago Europeans ate anything that moved as well.
    Try researching the old “pork pie”.
    Humans are known for eating anything in sight and even other humans when necessary.
    Insects are so important to Earth ecology I am pleased to hear about some being available for human consumption – if we can educate people well enough there is plenty of food on our mother earth. Rat (and other rodent) meat is delicious, but we in the “developed” world insist on poisoning them and everything else that doesn’t come in a plastic wrap.
    Thank you Mikhaila for publishing your bad and good news. I am heartened by this. My own condition is fraught with banging into offensive ideas about health and nutrition and chasing a civillised life amid hoards of sheepoid people whose first or only option is kill kill kill it!

    1. As you see above I did react to your joke (from another time zone, never even suspected) quite seriously because of my own contact with insect protein source along with our human omnivore history.
      Must thank you as well because I easily perceive when others believe absurdities, yet never doubted you, your presentations have been real and honest.
      The links you cited appear real enough though, it is not such a bad idea.
      I often wonder about insect life and how we discount them – there is a particular wasp that feeds on the outer leaves of the Cadaghi Gum in Australia, and its droppings contribute to the bacterial health of the tree at the outer root line.
      I like the idea of insects as a protein source anyway.

  2. Just moments before reading this I was thinking about how I’ve never met someone intolerant/allergic to meat. Still yet to haha.

  3. Oh my God, you got me.
    Should’ve seen the loss of faith on my face as I looked at my phone on a lonely subway as some dude at the other end of the station is playing a trombone of some sort. Jeez Louise.
    Wel played and fuck April. 🙂

  4. Oh my God, you got me.
    Should’ve seen the loss of faith on my face as I looked at my phone on a lonely subway as some dude at the other end of the station is playing a trombone of some sort. Jeez Louise.
    Wel played and screw April 1st! 🙂

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