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October Update All Beef Diet and Life

By Mikhaila

Hi Everyone!

Sorry about the incredibly long silence. I’m going through some personal life drama (nothing health related) and I’ve been incredibly busy. I’ll update everyone on that later.

All beef diet is still going strong! I am still alive and thriving. I will not have radio silence again for this long, and I am going to start a YouTube Channel in November! Stay tuned.

Here are some quick updates (pepper reaction and baby update):

Pepper reaction early August: I went out to eat and had pepper accidentally in August. Five days before the podcast with Rogan. I hardly had any pepper, just a bit. I freaked out as soon as I noticed, and left the restaurant and went home and stressed out. Had a bunch of activated charcoal, prayed to the autoimmune gods, almost cried, etc. I didn’t get away with it, I did react to pepper. It was MINOR in comparison to reintroducing a food and what used to happen, but I did react. I had body odour for about 2 weeks, and a tiny bit of brain fog. It was hardly noticeable really. Well, the BO was. But not the rest of the autoimmune stuff. My knee hurt one day and my big toe and that was basically it. Almost. It was a breeze for a reaction, but what did happen was I got a rash/breakout! I’m 99% sure it was pepper related because my skin never breaks out. I had something that looked like a keto rash all over my shoulders and back a week after pepper. I took some pictures but it was way worse in person. And itchy… It usually takes about a week for the reaction to hit my skin and boy did it. There are still marks but they’re finally fading now. It’s been 7 weeks since the pepper. So yeah, pepper is a no. But the good news is it wasn’t a disaster at all, other than my skin. Easy peasy for a reaction.

Breastfeeding and weaning and baby:  I stopped breastfeeding August 27th right before the Joe Rogan podcast. It was bittersweet. Scarlett had naturally weaned herself down to just nursing at night, and she was only drinking about an oz. I nursed one day and she immediately threw it up. She never spits up food, but she’d spit up my milk. I didn’t think this was a particularly good time, and it was kind of upsetting. I’m wondering if my immune system is so sensitive that it was bugging her. Who knows. Mom worries. Anyway, weaning was a breeze. I had read about women getting sore boobs and the horrors of stopping breastfeeding but it was easy. I didn’t even notice. Except now I have no boobs again… Throughout my teenage years, I always consoled myself about my lack of boobs by thinking, “at least once I have kids I’ll have them!” WRONG. They’re back to normal.  Literally, it looks like nothing happened (so it could be worse).

Scarlett now sleeps through the night! So that’s HUGE. I crib trained. Crib training was stressful. I did the cry it out method. It sucked. She screamed for 1.5 hours the first night. One hour the second night, 30 minutes the 3rd night, and 5 minutes the fourth night. Now it’s a couple of whimpers and she’s out. Should’ve crib trained wayyyy long ago.

J Peterson update: Dad is still going strong on beef. He reintroduced chicken and thinks it went well, but then he ate some chicken at a friends house that was marinated and had a reaction. It wasn’t even marinated with anything crazy. Garlic, spices, no sugar or anything. The reaction was pretty unpleasant but again, nothing like the reactions that used to happen when we were eating vegetables. He was incredibly anxious in the mornings for about a week and a half. And he told me half of his body was numb for about 3 days. So not ideal? But he’s recovered now. It’s been two weeks. That’s way better than a month of hell like it used to be. I told him to lay off the chicken and reintroduce it again when he’s back from touring. That way it’s more of a clean test. My guess is he can tolerate chicken and he just reacted to the marinade. I cannot tolerate chicken, but we are not the same.

Will update everyone more throughout the week!

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  1. Hi Mikhaila! I’m glad you started documenting your health journey and love that you include mom stuff. I miss sleep. I didn’t think I needed it that much until I started having children. HAHA!

    So, I have always been interested in all things health-related. It became more intense when I found out my husband suffers from depression. He had a terrible bout after our first child was born, and ever since then, there has been slow but steady progress with the down times, with minimal pharmaceutical drug intervention. He has been seeing the same psychologist for several years now, which seems to be helping. She had him doing Neurofeedback in the beginning, which helped him a bit. He has been taking the lowest dose of Sertraline for several years now. He goes to see the psychologist about once a month. So far, when the depression hits he’ll get about 2 weeks of that, and he’s managed to come out of it without increasing the dose of his meds, He has not tried to modify his diet yet. I want him to do an elimination diet, but started with doing a food allergy test first. He had nothing come up that he is highly allergic to. He had an herb (thyme, I think) that he is moderately allergic to and a mild reaction to a lot of other things like eggs, some nuts, pepper, mushrooms, etc.. Due to the number of mild reactions he has, the doctor suspects he has leaky gut. Something to note .. Just a couple years ago when he was 35, he went to the emergency room because he had food stuck in his esophagus. They did an endoscopy and he was diagnosed with Eosinophilic esophagitis. The doctor believes it’s caused by an allergic reaction to food. The first thing my husband eliminated from his diet was dairy. He started feeling much better several weeks after and doesn’t have a hard time swallowing food anymore. He had reflux as an infant, so I’m not sure if he had reflux because of the dairy-based formula he was given, or if the reflux would have occurred regardless. Also, not sure if the reflux contributed to the scar tissue buildup in his esophagus. Anyway, the food test did not show anything for dairy, which we were expecting given he has felt relief after quitting dairy.

    Did the survey last night by the way. I have Hashimoto’s but my thyroid has been resilient and has not been affected as far as my blood work shows. so I’m continuing to manage it with supplements. Taking Iodine seems to help me the most. My last test showed low thyroid anti-bodies, but it’s unreliable given I was pregnant. Now that my youngest is 13 months old, I’m due for blood work this next week and hoping for good results. Although, if they’re not great, I do look forward to trying the all meat diet. I think I could live on rib-eye. HAHA!

    Thanks for doing what you do! It’s about time we get closer to the bottom of the auto-immune mystery. 🙂

  2. Hi Mikhaila,
    I’ve done HFLC for 6 years now when Dr. Peter Attia was introducing it. After about 3 years, I experienced some excruciating intestinal pains which were only solved with behind the prescription laxatives. It turns out my system needed to have fiber so the solution for me was morning portions of organic psyllium husk to create enough roughage. I realize you may be allergic but believe me, the pain is horrific after several years of no fiber.

  3. Hello Mikhaila,
    Do you think that one should stick to all grass-fed beef and organic meats in general. Does it matter if I buy mostly whatever meat is the cheapest? Is there anything about, for example, grain-fed beef that may be harmful?

  4. I’ve been on the all beef diet for 33 days now, i’ve improved a lot, but i’m still only 60%-70% symptom free, how long do you think it would take to feel normal again? i read on your blog it took you only a month?

    1. recoveringperson,
      Don’t you think that probably depends what exactly you are recovering from? Maybe seek out the correct professional for whatever it is you think you need or ask someone that might be able to direct you. As far as I can tell this Carnivore diet is a highly experimental Beef diet that has undergone no rigorous testing procedures to determine whether it is capable of fixing whatever your unspecified problem is.

      “Could there be something i’m doing wrong?”

      Yes, you are trusting in someone’s information to be legit just because they have a fancy website and are connected to the authority figure, Petrolson, an overpaid women’s shoe salesman.

  5. Greetings Mikhaila,

    Have you seen this clip on Rogan with Dr. Rhonda Patrick discussing the Carnivore Diet? My assumption is you’ve been extremely thorough and her suggestions for a modified Keto diet with auto-immune you’ve already tried: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_AYKqcEzezU

    Also, have you tried an Instant Pot pressure cooker instead of a slow cooker? They’re made in Canada, built well and pretty convenient – especially if you’re pressed for time.

    Best wishes on YouTube!

    1. Yeah I was on a modified keto diet for 2 years. It did help a lot but then it stopped working after my pregnancy. I’m going to try an pressure cooker asap, thanks!

    2. No sweat! I’ve been buying off-cuts from the grocery store for a while now thanks to my pressure cooker and it’s way cheaper. A cup of water + meat, then press a button. Done in an hour. LOL

      If you get an 8 quart, you can wrap a chicken in ribs or do a full turkey or roast. Feeds a family of 6. They have a slow cook setting as well, so can make bone broth if that’s an option for you. Off-cuts I find have lots of bone.

      Also, have you considered checking rural Ontario farms to buy a grass-fed cow, then have a local butcher process it? Makes lots of variety cuts, controls quality, farm-to-table style, and likely least expensive option.

      With a deep-freeze, you can probably provision for months saving grocery store travel. Also, you can split it with family or friends as not sure how much a deep-freeze holds.

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