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Pregnancy Update – Week 32

By Mikhaila

Everything’s going great! Now that I’m not eating anything with sugar, my mood is good, no arthritis, seems pretty good.

I’m starting to get pretty big. Getting around is getting weird. And I have to pee quite a bit… Less than 2 months now until I have a child. So that’s incredibly weird. I still can’t believe that I can grow one inside of me… You’d think humans wouldn’t be phased by that but it’s still weird.

My ankles have been kind of swollen (especially my left one – I do not recommend ankle replacements). That’s been a pain throughout the pregnancy but it’s not arthritis-related, it’s just fake ankle related.

Anyway, other than that problem which I can’t do anything about, everything’s going smoothly. I’m having my baby shower tomorrow!!! So I’m excited about that. My mom and my brothers gf (Jillian) are throwing it. I think Jill’s put quite a bit of work into it so that was really sweet.

The last couple of days I’ve been trying to figure out if I need an infant car seat and a convertible car seat, or if I can just skip the infant car seat. That’s been the main thing on my mind so obviously I’m feeling pretty good (even with probiotic-y angst popping up here and there). I also found an epic website to make a registry – you don’t have to pick just one store) – www.babylist.com/mikhaila

I definitely recommend that. Ooh, I’m also doing a maternity photoshoot next Wednesday. And I kind of hate photos so we’ll see how that goes…

I’m pretty excited about this Candida theory. As nasty as it is, it makes more sense than unexplained food problems. I also found out that your baby inherits the microbiome the mom… That doesn’t mean that she’ll inherit a Candida problem if I have one, but it does mean that if I’m low in certain strains of bacteria, she’ll probably below too. So that’s why I’m pushing the probiotics so hard. I’d like to get up to a higher dose before she’s born, but I know there’s only so much I can do… I guess. I also know that if I feed her properly and don’t over sugar her, she shouldn’t have a Candida problem.

SPEAKING OF WHICH. I got these in the mail the other day. They really pissed me off.

These are the first 3 ingredients in the “Gentlease” by Enfamil.


Seriously? That’s disgusting.

If you have problems breastfeeding, and your baby needs more food, or if you can’t breastfeed, obviously you’re going to need formula. Although they have pretty good milk-sharing groups on Facebook! Something to seriously look into in your area. But this formula is horrible. They’re feeding this to babies!! WTF. Maybe I’ll look into a formula that doesn’t sound like poison just in case I have trouble expressing or something… but this stuff should be illegal.

That’s all for now. I’m going to update on Sunday with a couple of super easy recipes too (chicken wings and some other things!)

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  1. Congratulations. Getting a baby IS weird. I’m glad you are doing so well while nesting.
    I’m off sugar and eating a little more fat. I feel better than ever. Yesterday I got lab test resuts of my unexpected progress, so I have new evidence.
    Lots of love.

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