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Pregnancy woes SOLVED

By Mikhaila

Turns out I was wrong about all of the following:

“So I was beginning to worry that being pregnant was just going to be full of arthritis and depression and skin problems. As soon as I get my health under control, pregnancy arrives and smacks me down.

BUT I figured it out. Fuck you world, but good effort there.

When I got pregnant I suddenly got more sensitive. I started reacting to tiny amounts of things in pills, a sip of cider with sulphites, etc. I’ve been depressed and arthritic since December. So that’s 3 months. I was arthritic and depressed for years, so three months isn’t that bad, but hey, any bad day sucks. I thought I was stuck like this until the end of the pregnancy.

Turns out I was reacting to turmeric. TURMERIC…. the anti-inflammatory food! And so was my dad! Anyways, now that that’s out of my diet and it’s been 23 days since I had it, I’m back to feeling good and back to writing. Don’t assume anything with this diet. Especially if you’re really sick. Don’t eat one gummy worm, don’t have a sip of something, don’t take any supplements that you don’t know for sure are safe (cough turmeric cough)

My skin is clearing up, I’m not sleeping for 14 hours a day, I’m not itchy!!! My arthritis is still bugging me quite a bit, so I’ll update you guys when that settles down. But I’m feeling a lot better. I also had tried to reintroduce squash, and it went badly, but now I’m thinking it was actually the turmeric, so squash is back in the game for the future.”

Turns out it wasn’t turmeric and ginger. It was fish. Long story about figuring that one out. This shows how complicated it is to figure out what foods are bothering you. Lots of people are allergic to fish though, that makes wayyyy more sense than turmeric. I was taking fish oil pills throughout the whole pregnancy that I was reacting to, and the fish I was occasionally eating. I’ll know in 2 weeks for sure if that’s what’s been bothering me. Turmeric is probably fine, I’ll reintroduce it in about a month to make sure. Ooops.

UPDATE: The health struggle was real at this point – turns out it was everything except ruminant meat.

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