Probiotics with NOTHING Added

By Mikhaila

I finally found some probiotics with no additives. A powder. And alas, it’s only available in the States. I have to wait for my parents to go there and bring it back 🙁

I’m going to add probiotics to my daughter’s food when she starts eating solid food. Have to get that microbiome healthier ASAP.  I’m using something similar to Natasha Campbell-McBride’s way to introduce food for babies. (She’s famous for the GAPS diet). I’ll be starting with bone broth and probiotics (not baby cereal – why does that even exist!?).

I need to get my hands on this probiotic first. I’ll also give it a try and microdose myself and see if I can tolerate that! So that’s exciting. But I don’t think I’ll get it until late February. So that’s frustrating.

Anyway, I thought I’d give you guys a link to it in case anyone is interested in a probiotic that has no additives (who lives in the States).

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  1. This info may or may not be helpful to you, but I read that dogs with canine pancreatitis should NOT be given any probiotics (human, dog, or otherwise). Could humans be similar? Might your pancreas be dysfunctional? Just a thought.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  2. Hello there. I’m a big fan of your old mans but also I’m very interested in maintaining the best gut health I can so when I heard of your blog I had to check it out.

    I suffer(ed) from eczema very badly throughout my entire life and its greatly exacerbated when I have a diet consisting of processed sugars and dairy (and I suspect gluten). It was also awful for my mood/chronic depression. Now that I’ve fixed my diet and in turn my skin my life is so much more enjoyable and I don’t feel like hell every moment. I am now likewise a massive believer in that our gut plays a leading role in our wellbeing.

    I looked at your diet list and I didn’t see anything about fermented vegetables so I guess I’ll mention my experience with them. I’m really into making my own fermented foods now such as kimchi, sauerkraut and pickles etc. Basically anything that doesn’t contain dairy or soy since I’m male. It is rather easy, you get a lot out of it and its CHEAP + it knocks out taking pre/probiotics in one stone. It may be an acquired taste for some but I find them damn tasty and good additions for nearly any meal. Have you had much experience with making your own fermented vegetables or buying? I would not even consider spending that much money on unadulterated probiotic supplements (being in student poverty doesn’t help lol)

    I look forward to following your dietary journey in the future. What you and Prof. Peterson are doing is heroic.


    1. Probiotics for someone who’s gut isn’t too damaged… or who has the right strains are a great idea. My husband eats probiotic foods. Dad hasn’t tried them yet because I can’t tolerate them at all. Not even if I dip my finger into homemade sauerkraut juice and suck on it. It’s ridiculous. I’m going to get tested for Lyme soon… That might explain some of my severe problems. But yes, I agree, probiotics, if tolerate, are a good idea. Especially for being able to digest carbs. I would be careful about green/white cabbage. That can irritate some people! I have a post about making sauerkraut, but I only make it for my husband because of my reaction – and I used to love sauerkraut. Thanks for the kind words

  3. Have you heard of Kultured Wellness in Australia? Kirsty Wirth makes an amazing coconut Kefir probiotic especially for those with autoimmunity her coconut yoghurt starter also has awesome therapeutic benefits for all but especially babies who need additional help developing their microbiome 🙂 I’m sure she ships worldwide.

  4. Hi Mikhaila,
    I have ankylosing spondylitis and I am going to give your diet a try. I have a question. While you were doing the elimination diet what did you do about your medications? Did you keep taking them and as symptoms disappeared start lowering the dose?

    I thank you for sharing your story. It has been inspirational and I am sure gives hope to many (me included).

    1. Ellen: Can I just offer my sympathy for your ankylosis spondylitis? My husband suffers from this condition (in his case, it’s exacerbated by his dystonia ?). A few years ago, during his second neck surgery (c5-6 and c6-7 fused and plated), the surgeon discovered that two of his vertebrae had actually disintegrated, so I know how bad the condition can be. Good luck, and God bless.

  5. Hi Mikhaila,

    Congrats on your healing through diet! It makes perfect sense as to why the carnivore diet works (especially after learning about the GAPS diet). I have colitis and started taking a probiotic from Whole foods and unfortunately it did nothing for me (it was expensive, too!). I switched to a probiotic called VSL #3 (it has trace amounts of dairy) and it was a life changer after a couple of weeks. Have you noticed a difference since taking probiotics?


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