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Products for a Heavy Meat Diet

By Mikhaila

Hi everyone! Happy New Year!!! 2019. Cray.

I’ve made this post because it’s World Carnivore Month this January. If you’re looking to give the diet a try, there’s a lot of support out there on social media so why not now! Joe Rogan is even apparently finally giving it a go! Just remember, if you’re trying to get rid of depression or an autoimmune disorder, it’s best to go all meat instead of keeping eggs and dairy. As you guys know, I think dairy is evil too.

I’ve made a list of all the cooking utensils (and a couple of other products) that I use. This post contains affiliate links. That being said, I literally use all of these products. They’re super helpful for starting a heavy meat diet (or all meat diet). I’ve put in uppercase letters the items I think are super necessary, but I do use most things on this list. The main links are for Amazon.com, but I’ve included the Canadian link at the end of each description.



Aluminum so they don’t peel. Good to have both sizes (get a half sheet and a quarter sheet). The half sheet is good for chicken wings and the quarter sheet is good for smaller roasts if you’re not cooking for many people. Great with the above Silpat trays. (Canadian link here).


Totally necessary if you cook steak, or really anything. Hands down my favourite way to cook anything… Other than bbq-ing. NEVER clean them with soap. I only cook beef in one of mine and I have another for other foods if I’m cooking for anyone else. I’m not even kidding, when I travel and stay in AirBnB’s I go out and buy one of these so I don’t have to use crappy pans. Upgrading AirBnB cooking utensils all day every day. Wash them with super hot water before use because they’ve been seasoned with God knows what already. (Canadian link here).


I started using these in September and they’re worth it. I use one of these with really hot water to clean the pans. If you use soap, food will stick to the pan and it will be very very annoying. Don’t use soap. Just use one of these. (Canadian link here).


I use these guys. I absolutely love them. I use the Santoku 7″ knife, and the 4″ paring knife (Canadian link here).


Worth it if you only drink water. And even if you drink other things. You can make the water ridiculously bubbly, especially if you use super cold water. I’ve linked to the cheaper Soda Stream. It honestly works better than the fancier one. (Canadian link here).


Great for making jerky. Literally get round roast, have the butcher slice it as thin as they can, cover it in salt and lay it in here for 9 hours. Easy peasy. You can get a cheap one and it works absolutely fine. Eat it with tallow for some added fat and it’s amazing. I have a more expensive one that’s larger and it definitely doesn’t work any better than the cheap smaller ones. (Canadian link here).


Great for bone broths and soups and roasts. Make sure you get one that has a timer, some don’t and then it’s annoying. (Canadian link here).


Absolutely necessary for nailing a roast. Literally, put the roast on the tray (with or without the Silpat), stick the thermometer in (make sure it’s in the middle of the roast), preheat the oven to 400 degrees and wait until the thermometer beeps. 126 degrees is pretty good for medium rare. Boom, perfect roast. (Canadian link here).

Vacuum Sealer (US Link)

Worth it because you can keep meat fresh (and stop it from ageing – I hate aged meat) for a lot longer. Normally my meat starts changing the way it tastes after about 2.5 days in the fridge, and with the vacuum sealer, it easily takes 4 days. It also stops freezer burn if you freeze it. That’s fewer trips to the store. It can be used for other foods too but for meat it’s great. It’s best to buy a more expensive one of these. I started out with a cheap one and it was annoying to use. (Canadian vacuum sealer link – cheaper than Amazon so I didn’t link to Amazon).

Non-Stick Silpat Trays (US Link) If you can eat chicken these are great. I don’t use them anymore because I don’t eat chicken. If you make chicken wings (ignore the turmeric!) though, these are super handy. I’d recommend hand washing them because sometimes if you put them in the dishwasher you can taste the soap. Not good when you’re avoiding poisons. Or rinse them after you put them in the dishwasher. I’d purchase a big one and a small one for different tray sizes. I DO NOT recommend the Amazon versions even though they’re cheaper. They made my food taste like plastic, and broke down really quickly. Not a good sign. (Canadian link here).

Tupperware for leftover meat bits:

These are my favourite. They’re glass. (Canadian link here – might be cheaper at Canadian Tire).

Redmond Real Salt (US Link)

Best tasting salt out there. As soon as I get this pesky microbiome transplant I’ll be back at the salt, probably. (Canadian link here).

These are basically all the products in my kitchen…


Then there are other products I use:

Redmond Spearmint Toothpaste (US Link)

The other flavours have xylitol and so I go for the one with the least amount of ingredients. The ingredients in this toothpaste are wonderful for people avoiding toothpaste. Honestly on this diet I don’t even know if I’d have to brush my teeth… But I do. For now. I also buy their powder version for when I travel. I don’t have a Canadian link. It’s worth a search around though.

Lanolin (US Link)

This is the only thing I’m really not afraid to slather all over my lips. I use it for any dry skin and for my lips basically every night. I love it. It’s made out of pure lanolin, and I could probably eat it without reacting. It’s marketed for cracked nipples because it’s safe for babies to ingest. Safe for babies, safe for me. I buy it at Shoppers Drugmart in Canada, but Amazon.ca has it too. I do wear lipstick, but I take it off before I eat, I’m pretty careful. I don’t wear lip-gloss, I use lanolin.

Water Wipes (US link)

I use these on my daughter, and to remove my makeup. Basically made up of only water. You can get them at Walmart in Canada, and in America you can obviously use Amazon.


Other than that my kitchen is empty!

Hope everyone’s holidays went splendidly!

UPDATE: 2022 – I have everything I currently use linked here. The above list is outdated.


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  1. I’m hoping MIKHAILA responds to this; I really would like her opinion. I saw both Jordan and Mik on Rogan. Immediately, I went on the Carny diet. And I loved it. But, I modified and do Athletic Greens and Medi-Clear; both are vitamin/mineral/greens drinks every morning.

    I’m 60 yr old male..I went form 185 lbs to 164 very fast. I love it; all aspects of it. I’ve been on it for about 4 months. Then something happened. i noticed when I’d get up at night to pee, the stream was weak. This had never happened. I got an ultrasound and it confirmed, I had an enlarged prostate. Now that is not abnormal for a man my age. But, it came on suddenly and I’ve never had any issue before this. I was told by two different nutritionist that is may be form the uric acid in the meat–I was told the acid goes right to the prostate and throws the PH off.

    One thing, I do eat mostly red meat. I have a ribeye everyday and sometimes more. Not big on other animal proteins but may have to be now.

    So my question for Mikhaila…are you aware of any others who’ve experienced this? The idea of going back to protein and veggies does not excite me. I love this diet for so many reasons. Except for this one prob, which admittedly is a huge one, all else is wonderful

    Thanks Mik!

    1. Nope! My guess is it’s a coincidence. Do whatever diet makes you feel best though! Don’t go back to eating a way that makes you feel worse. If it makes you feel better though, change it up! I’m sorry this happened to you, good luck. My thoughts are it’s a coincidence though. An unfortunate coincidence.

  2. Mikhaila, you mention above about getting a microbiome transplant, do you mean FMT? If yes, where are you going to be getting that? (or did you get it? since this post is from 2019.)

    Im healing chronic fatigue brought on from being exposed to mold which totally derailed my life for the past many years (i used to live in a basement). Im treating the mold now with antifungals but im concerned about my microbiome and how antimiciobials (essentially herbal antibiotics) i’ve tried in the past probably have messed up my gut more, and im curious about FMT’s etc.


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