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Really Important Read – Paleomedicina – Evidence The Lion Diet Works

By Mikhaila

“We believe that the PKD is the only evolutionary adapted diet for humans. Rehabilitation of chronic diseases is most effective when the diet is limited to our real physiological needs. Eating fruits and vegetables does not form part of our physiological need but are associated with risks.”

(PDF) Therapeutic protocol of Paleomedicina Hungary. Available from: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/323151200_Therapeutic_protocol_of_Paleomedicina_Hungary

This place (Paleomedicina) has actual doctors prescribing a high fat meat diet to successfully treat chronic disease. With hugely positive results (much more effective than medication). They’ve treated pregnant women, infants, and breastfeeding women as well. They have found no ill effects of the diet (they call it paleolithic ketogenic, basically a fancy turn for a red meat diet).

Eventually North America will stop with the “it must be a placebo effect” and start actually treating people. Suuuuper exciting. Also extremely satisfying after years of “you’re crazy”. Extremely. Satisfying.

They have a website HERE. (It’s in Hungarian but you can use Google Translate). The case studies are incredible.

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  1. Wow, I knew in the back of my mind that the vegan rush was a bad idea… even 10+ years ago, I was hearing of mental health issues, a lot of just general health issues. Now the more I look into this the more I’m convinced that this can help a lot of people getting thrown for a loop with all these do this and that food trends.

    I’m mighty interested to see more studies done, but I feel that they will be like pulling teeth, because it will crush the every day BS being told to everyone. There is a Dr. Leonard Coldwell who I like who said in a seminar once… if everyone is told to go one way go the way they are not and most times you’ll be safer for doing so.

    Be it he is totally on board with this or not, it’s a great way to consider living life now days,

  2. I can believe the idea that vegetables seem kind of unnatural to eat, but most fruit seems fine to me. I recently read that vegetables have undergone for more changes in the last few thousand years than fruit. There are exceptions, of course. Bananas used to be as hard as plantains. Apples used to all be like as small, hard, and sour as crab apples. But if you look at the evolution of vegetables it turns really strange.

    Personally I’m eating Fish, Beef, and berries (safest of the fruits I think).
    Chicken makes my nose run, which tells me I’m having a histamine reaction.

  3. Eugene you bring up an important point that deserves consideration about what assumptions underpin our decisions about diet.
    The principle change in our food has nothing to do with ‘evolution’. Hybridization of seeds puts a ceiling on the nutritional density of our foods which at the same time creates a vector for disease and insect predation which were/are useful to corporate and other interests. (this is to say nothing of genetic modification and eating foods procured from growing food in a way that precludes nutrients from entering into the plants or eating the meat from animals eating those foods.
    Meat is delivering access to those essential nutrients. This is why since most pork and chicken is raised exclusively on nutrient empty grains is why folks to feel good eating those meats. Cattle sheep and goats have all had access to grass and when done right they create topsoil by enabling the bacteria to convert the rocks and organic matter into soil.
    Faulty assumptions as the internet is exposing us to crystalizes in our minds the realization that our culture is founded on lies and half truths.
    If you want to learn about a bunch of assumptions that are false check out this gentleman: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uJGairhrPGc

  4. Can’t have information about actually fixing health problems instead of medicating them floating around! This would prove financially detrimental to Big Pharma and the ad-filled magazines circulated to encourage unhealthy lifestyles so as to mass produce a “sick” population who require more and more of their product. Truth is: they want you sick.

    One of the scariest things to emerge out of Vegan Culture = SoyBoys who seem violently possessed by an authoritarian Hall Monitor for the World mentality, with all the anger and none of the muscle to back it up.

  5. I was google translating the website then I found up the top there are flags to change the language. Better than going back and forth! ?

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