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Recreational Drugs and Alcohol and Food Sensitivities

By Mikhaila

Hopefully, this one won’t get me in trouble but I’ll put it out there because I haven’t found any info on it anywhere else online. And I did google it when I was wondering.

Unfortunately, this inability to consume basically anything except for pure distilled alcohol, water, beef, and salt, also means I can’t do any fun drug.

About two months ago I had a terrible cold, and I can’t take any painkillers so I was laying there (basically dying) and figured I’d smoke some weed. I had already reacted to a puffer months before that but I figured I’d give the weed a go.

I had autoimmune symptoms for about 3 weeks after smoking that joint. They weren’t terrible like trying to reintroduce a new food, but it looks like I can’t inhale anything. Even marijuana. A vaporizer probably would have been a smarter idea but I didn’t have one on hand.

(UPDATE: not entirely sure if this was actually just a reaction to the cold. Colds give me flare ups so it could have been that, not the weed. Probably won’t test it out though.)

Other drugs:

I’m a pretty open individual and I’ve tried a lot of different recreational drugs, especially as a university student. Cocaine is also a no go. Obviously coke isn’t good for anyone but I can’t do any without three weeks of skin breakouts, joint pain, back pain, and brain fog. Not nearly as bad as a food introduction (funny eh?) but still not worth it at all. Haha, it’s also difficult to feel sorry for yourself if you’re reacting to cocaine… So I do not recommend.

It looks like the only substances I can abuse are bourbon, vodka, and silver tequila. And trust me, I’ve tested everything else out.

Just to reiterate:

Bourbon, vodka (unflavoured), and silver tequila are the only alcohols that don’t have added ingredients after distillation. Bourbon is stored in wood which gives it its flavour and colour but that doesn’t seem to bother me. (Hangover pills here that help you detoxify alcohol rapidly – no fillers in these pills).

Other whiskeys (like scotch) can have added caramel colouring. I react to this. So if you’re super sensitive those are three alcohols that are the least reactive. Silver tequila (gold tequila has added caramel colouring), bourbon, and unflavoured vodka.

Good luck out there. Don’t let anyone complain at you for trying to fix yourself. It’s hard enough as it is.

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  1. I Have Ankylosing Spondylitis and i’m 95% in remission being on the Beef, salt and water for a year now.

    I had to give up vaping oils and distillates that I used for sleeping as they too would cause flare-ups. However there is something that doesn’t give me a flare-up. I dab THC-A isolate. Its 99% THC that is not activated. Meaning its not psychoactive until you heat it. If you consume it in the isolate form you will not feel any THC effects. I use this for sleep and replacing alcohol. Make sure it is CO2 extracted as it removes any excess plant material. Ethanol extract leaves excess plant material in the isolate.

    Also on a strange note when it comes to food sensitivities, I cannot have ground beef. Each time I eat it I get a flare up that lasts for a few days. If I have dry aged beef I also get a flare up. I can only have fresh prime rib and steak. I assume the ground beef has lots of bacterial which might also be why I can’t have pork as pork has a lot of bacteria in it. It sucks because it’s expensive eating it 3 times a day. However my choices are Pain or no pain.

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