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Recreational Drugs and Alcohol and Food Sensitivities

By Mikhaila

Hopefully, this one won’t get me in trouble but I’ll put it out there because I haven’t found any info on it anywhere else online. And I did google it when I was wondering.

Unfortunately, this inability to consume basically anything except for pure distilled alcohol, water, beef, and salt, also means I can’t do any fun drug.

About two months ago I had a terrible cold, and I can’t take any painkillers so I was laying there (basically dying) and figured I’d smoke some weed. I had already reacted to a puffer months before that but I figured I’d give the weed a go.

I had autoimmune symptoms for about 3 weeks after smoking that joint. They weren’t terrible like trying to reintroduce a new food, but it looks like I can’t inhale anything. Even marijuana. A vaporizer probably would have been a smarter idea but I didn’t have one on hand.

(UPDATE: not entirely sure if this was actually just a reaction to the cold. Colds give me flare ups so it could have been that, not the weed. Probably won’t test it out though.)

Other drugs:

I’m a pretty open individual and I’ve tried a lot of different recreational drugs, especially as a university student. Cocaine is also a no go. Obviously coke isn’t good for anyone but I can’t do any without three weeks of skin breakouts, joint pain, back pain, and brain fog. Not nearly as bad as a food introduction (funny eh?) but still not worth it at all. Haha, it’s also difficult to feel sorry for yourself if you’re reacting to cocaine… So I do not recommend.

It looks like the only substances I can abuse are bourbon, vodka, and silver tequila. And trust me, I’ve tested everything else out.

Just to reiterate:

Bourbon, vodka (unflavoured), and silver tequila are the only alcohols that don’t have added ingredients after distillation. Bourbon is stored in wood which gives it its flavour and colour but that doesn’t seem to bother me. (Hangover pills here that help you detoxify alcohol rapidly – no fillers in these pills).

Other whiskeys (like scotch) can have added caramel colouring. I react to this. So if you’re super sensitive those are three alcohols that are the least reactive. Silver tequila (gold tequila has added caramel colouring), bourbon, and unflavoured vodka.

Good luck out there. Don’t let anyone complain at you for trying to fix yourself. It’s hard enough as it is.

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  1. Have you taken a gander with essential oils (there are brands out there which are therapeutic grade and not distilled using chemicals of any kind) to help with cold symptoms or other ailments?

  2. Are the reactions dose-dependant?

    Like if you accidently had a almost invisible piece of gluten on a steak would that put you in nightmare mode for 3 weeks or would it be not as severe than if you had eaten a piece of bread or fruit?

    1. It’s dose-dependant. More is definitely worse but it also depends on the type of food. For instance, a small amount of gluten seems to be far worse than something like an apple.

    2. Ok, that makes me a bit more at ease, i’m so paranoid in the kitchen because my mom eats a lot of bread and there could be invisible gluten residue everywhere.

      i’m on day 12 now, i didn’t have any gluten or grains in months, but i still didn’t get better with a lot of fruit and vegetables in my diet, i ate up to 300g carbs from those in a day.

      Can’t wait until it’s over.

      I feel a bit better already but still pretty bad, i assume the ‘magic’ happens around 3-4 weeks?

    3. Yes right now 12 days only beef and water, no salt cause it gives me water retention. i do still smoke cigarettes with filter (so i don’t accidently eat tobacco) but i’m stopping that once the horrible depression lifts.

      Before the 12 days i ate a little beef, salmon and chicken but mostly fruit (dates, grapes, figs) and veggies (loads of broccoli, sweet potato, spinach).

      I’ve seen some improvement the last 12 days but i’m still nowhere near ‘normal’

    4. When i was preparing my steak today i noticed there was a miniscule piece of what looked like lettuce on it, i’m scared now that i could get a reaction from that, or that pieces of other foods could also be cross contaminating my meat, although it’s from a quality source and the packaging was unopened.

      the paranoia is real x(

    5. I’m beginning to think that a little paranoia is normal very low carb. I’m trying to divert it to being better at details in things I do that are important.

    6. Herb, it’s paranoia that things like gluten or plants residue will find their way into my meat and keep triggering my symptoms.

      It has nothing to do with low carb.

    7. Interesting. I tend to work with the changes in me rather than orchestrate them. I like the results for the most part. But it’s not like I am using this to do anything other than improve my overall health.

  3. Hi Mikhaila. This is a great blog and thank you for being so open and honest! I was one of the lucky guys to have stumbled across your father’s interview with Joe Rogan and am now on the diet with great success. I do find that certain activities or chemicals can push my body “over the edge” a little and cause inflammation (or brain fog) the next day. This can sometimes, for me, be counteracted by sleep quality. I’ve started to experiment with melatonin myself and just wanted to ask you “How’s your sleep” ?

  4. I am a big fan of your father but I have to say that I am shocked at some of the things you have said and promoted in your blog. You commented before that “iron-fortified baby cereal “ is garbage. Don’t you think making blanket statements like that is ignorant ? You’ve said before that this is your personal experience and that everyone needs to listen to their own bodies- so why are you knocking down other ways that people eat, especially when you don’t like it when people knock down your way of eating? You should also be very careful what you are saying as truth , when you admittedly, have no experience in this field. I have worked with registered dietitians for many years and they have a lot of knowledge and were not merely educated by the “pharm/food industry”. I find it also a bit disturbing that you are pushing this very restrictive diet on your baby. Can you explain how you think it’s okay for you to drink alcohol and still breastfeed your daughter, yet you think gluten should be illegal??
    How do you know for sure that gluten is the culprit? Do you think that perhaps some of your issues with your gut (as you stated before about when you were in university) were from surviving on “ichiban, pizza, and beer”? Maybe it was the over abundance of these things that were the problem and I wondered if you ever considered that before concluding that it was gluten. A lot of what you say I agree with, such as the over abundance of sugar and carbs not being good for people, but I don’t understand how you can make broad statements about food without being educated in this field. I understand your experience was different, and hellish from the sounds of it, but there are still a lot of people in the health care field who actually care and are doing their best to help people to be well, and they should not be undermined.

    1. If you are wondering how these registered dietitians get their education it’s from Pharma and big food. One keeps you sick and the other will medicate you. No cures!

    2. Kelly Kerr: I’m not going to attempt to get between you guys in this discussion, but your reasoning is way off in one area. You’re trying to blame Mikhaila’s health issues on too much pizza and beer in college (btw, I find her stark honesty about herself refreshing), but how do you explain her devastating health problems as a very young child? Also, it’s incomprehensible that you would even attempt to defend gluten when there are so many provable cases of gluten intolerance and a great deal of evidence that it is inflammatory and damaging in the body..

    3. TeeDee: if you read my post properly you will see that I did not “blame” her health issues on one thing. I asked her whether she thinks “some of her issues” were from said diet ( of beer, pizza) and how it was that she arrived at her conclusion that it was from gluten alone.
      I also acknowledged how hellish and awful her journey was and may still be. I am also well aware about gluten intolerances and how damaging that can be. I was asking some thoughtful questions to help me understand better. And my point for Mikhaila was to be careful how she promotes entire food groups being cut out of one’s diet when this will be different for each individual. She has acknowledged this herself.

      Mikhaila: I am sorry for criticizing you- that was not my intent whatsoever. I asked questions to help get clarification on some of these things. I am trying to understand this a little more. And I know I do not have all the answers. It’s good that you are doing vey well.

    4. Okay, fair enough. I do think that this diet would be helpful for anyone. I don’t think people differ that greatly (just like we don’t assume different species of animals need different diets). There’s absolutely no doubt that what I ate in university made me sicker, very quickly. But I grew up eating a “healthy diet”. Whole grains, lots of milk for strong bones, meat, eggs, very varied because it was rude to say no to anything. As for my baby, what would you do if everything other than beef gave you an autoimmune disorder? What would you do for you kid? Feed them the foods that were killing you? After finding autoimmune disorders are actually “curable” with diet? She’s related to me. I don’t know how much of this is genetic, so I’m very careful with her. As for iron fortified cereal being garbage, I stand by that. How brainwashed are people if they think that’s a good baby food!? When something like meat that’s naturally high in iron exists. I don’t think humans should eat grain. I think there’s quite a bit of evidence to back me up. I think sugar is poisonous. I think in 100 years we’ll look at it like we look at cocaine and think “how come it was in absolutely everything?”. I don’t believe dieticians and nutritionists and doctors are evil. Obviously they want to help people. They should be careful though, and do their own research and not just repeat other people’s bad information. Because that kills people. I promote going down to beef, salt and water if you’re sick, or if you’re curious. It seem to give you a baseline for how you should feel. Then people can do what they want. But after living sick for decades, it’s hard to know what being healthy feels like until you get there.

    5. I’d love to see your reply posted somewhere in your ‘about me’ section or something similar so I could point it out to others who defend certain substances in our culture like grains and sugar. Well said, Mikhaila. Hope you and your little sweetie have a great day..

    6. Thanks Mikhaila, for your response. I understand, and that makes complete sense, especially about how you’re being very careful with your daughter regarding her diet. As well, given all the suffering you endured as a child and basically most of your life. That’s awful 🙁 I’m sorry you went through all of that. Depression is such a debilitating thing and nobody can truly understand it until they’ve been down that road themselves.
      I also agree with you about sugar. We’re seeing more and more the dangerous effects of it and it’s scary.
      It’s wonderful to read about how healthy you’ve become. Hope you have a great day.

    7. I have been in the exact same boat as you Mikhaila. I have been autoimmune heavily since 2008 and still have issues. Can you not eat Salmon or Organic chicken with your diet? Even Brown rice triggers something for you?

  5. I’m not surprised recreational drugs nail you. Many are at some level plant based or an alkaloid for example caffeine is an alkaloid. Pot is loaded with alkaloids, Cocaine is an alkaloid. Most “cold medicines” are alkaloids. Alcohol is not an alkaloid but sometimes contaminants called fusel oils survive distillation. Gin comes to mind. Bourbon distills cleanly especially the early distillate, what they call the “sweet mash”. All of this alkaloid stuff can mess with allergy. Maybe the way to view yourself is kind of like an alcoholic (not that you are an alcoholic but consider this process story, maybe an alkyloidoholic) A recent paper found an error in a GABA protein pump in the Amygdala (brain chemistry and anatomy) that may be the genetic basis for alcoholism. The error is in 17% or so of the population which is pretty identical to the population of alcoholics in the general population, though not all 17% are active at any given time. The discovery was in rodents but also appears to be in humans. I won’t go into it but the long and the short is given the internal milieu in the brain of the possessor of this protein pump error, it looks like the solution to alcoholism is don’t drink. Don’t let what is outside of you mess with what is inside. So it’s a choice. After a while it’s a habit and then a trait and the history of the specific life you lead is good. A good history does not = getting gypped. Not to preach but sometimes having a biochemical reality to hang your hat on is useful to embrace realty in a positive light. Helps me anyway. God loves you, he gave you bourbon. 17% are hosed. One other fact in a couple year ago Duke study of pot use was associated with an up to 8 point decline in I/Q. It’s just a correlation but a worth while data point given you now possess a mini-me.

  6. For decades I have not touched alcohol since it caused immediate allergic reactions (swelling, headache, rash, etc) Mostly wine, because that was what I once enjoyed with meals (sulfites, likely). I smoked pot a long time ago, but didn’t enjoy it so stopped. It was mostly light recreational use on weekends with friends, but it seemed like it was causing some depression during the rest of the week. I have a tad of depression, mostly seasonal, but this was different. Hell, even the epinephrine in the shots for dental work causes an unpleasant reaction, so my dentist leaves it out.

    Good to know about the alcohols that you can use. Worth a try if needed as a painkiller. I hate the traditional otc painkillers (aleve, ibuprophen, etc) and use them only after a root canal or something like that.

    I’m considering trying the type of diet you are on, so just information gathering right now. Thanks for the good blog.

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