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Guest Post: Saved by Fat

By Mikhaila

This is written by James Kennedy. Thanks for the words of encouragement.

“I have been a type 2 diabetic (T2D) for over 20 years. For the majority of that time, I have followed the American Diabetic Association (ADA) guidelines. As the years went by I needed more and more medication to control the blood glucose (BG). Currently, I am a 59-year-old male.

Several years ago I saw a Tedmed talk by Peter Attai. It took several times to get the subtle message the Dr. was talking about. I was diabetic and obese and starvation and lots of exercise just was not working. I followed his postings.

In the midst of depression and basically giving up on controlling BG I got a mass email from Dr. Attia. Woa, To quote the posting:

“…At the population level, T2D costs Americans more than $300 billion per year: one of every three Medicare dollars is spent on T2D, and one of every six healthcare dollars is spent on T2D…”

So I signed up with the company he mentions in the posting. They helped me get on a diet similar to yours – ketogenic diet – it made a huge difference. My morning fasting BG numbers started to plummet. Working with the endocrinologist we lowered my diabetic meds. After 4 months I got my HGA1C measured again. (I am too embarrassed to say what it used to be; just think shockingly high.) The health coach sent me the numbers. I cried tears of joy at my desk. 5.4 5.4 is a great number.

I continue to follow this diet. I run ultra marathons (not quickly ) and so I got Dr. Phinney’s book on Low carb and endurance athletes. Lots of great information, lots of science. (Dr. Phinney is at the company that is reversing t2d – goal to reverse t2d in 100 million people by 2025) This diet reduces inflammation. In fat adapted athletes they use about 25% less O2 over carb powered athletes.

Some people you might consider looking into Gary Taubes. Dr. Phinney, Dr. Timothy Noakes. (South African Dr. who is being prosecuted because he tweeted about eat fat)
A great Documentary just out on Netflix is The Magic Pill. (hint: no pills, just food, mainly fats)

I saw a video about your story and it is wonderful you and your family are doing better. I know you must get tons of attacks because your experience is the opposite of the “standard medical advice”. Hang in there. You will be vindicated in the long run.


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  1. Thank you so much, Jim (and Mikhaila) for sharing your story. It’s incredibly helpful to those of us on the same path!

  2. Thank you Jim and Mikhaila for that post. Couldn’t help being reminded of some podcasts I have listened to recently from “2 Keto Dudes” One fellow has been keto for 2 years and the other was just starting out on the keto diet when they started. I mention this because both are tyoe 2 diabetics. They can be heard at http://2ketodudes.com/ plus they have a facebook group, at fb.2keto.com
    I too follow Phinney and Volek, doing the High Intensity weight training once a week. Taubes is good, as is Dr Mercola. I think Mercola has interviewed all the people you mention, you might find the youtube interviews fascinating.

  3. Update: I ran the Elija Barstow 24 hour race (running) 2 weeks ago. The traditional/standard fueling is to eat a ton of carbs (Gues -> maltose) chips, banannas, oranges, gummy bears, etc. Been there done that. I ate bacon, walnuts, butter, jerky, water, diet cola (for the caffine). Fueling went fine, no stomach issues. I felt good; tired but good. About every 6 hours I tested BG and keytones (blood testing meter) BG rose a little (I’ll get to probably why) and the keytones eventually got to about 4.7. (good) I never felt hungry. Also I did not have to eat a ton of food.

    I completed 100 KM (62.5 miles for the USA friends) in 22 hours with about 1.5 hours of a nap. I am not particularly fast but I am good with that. (my longest run yet). (weight about 275 lbs so I am not the typical stereotypical ultra runner )

    For after the race I kept to the LCHF diet. I recovered pretty quickly in terms of tired muscles. I test BG daily (especially fasting in the morning – which is my highest reading) My fasting readings were high. I talked to my endo about it. (I am type 2) She explained that it is likely that my body has inflammation and the liver is doing this. (to repair the damage; this is similar to if you get sick – eg flu, often for type 2’s their bg will rise before symptoms show up to after the flu is done) I kept the faith and kept to the LCHF diet. Over the next week and a half my fasting BG’s dropped back to my normal range.

    Anyway off to do it again at the end of July (Angry Owl in Salem , OR) and prep for the goal of 160 km (100 miles) at the end of the year in Arizona.

    It was purely awesome to see your dad in Portland, OR (Keller Auditorium) Thoroughly enjoyed the event.

  4. Note: I got labs back recently. I have been following this type of diet for about a year now. (very very few “cheats”) My triglycerides are a tad high (borderline high) but they are 1/10th what they were a year ago. Yeah they were really bad last July. I am NOT taking any medication for them. My HDL and LDL and VLDL are much better. (again no medications just diet)

    I do not know what my Lp(a) is. (See Dr. Attia’s recent podcast on it called The Drive a very deep dive into lp(a) pronounced L P little a)

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