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Scientific Article Hypothesizing EXACTLY My Hypothesis on Food Reactions

By Mikhaila

Okay, first, I don’t want to take responsibility for this hypothesis because obviously other people have come to the same conclusions. But I did come to this conclusion a couple of years ago and its suuuuper exciting to see other people writing about it.

Here‘s the link the paper, the abstract is pretty good… But if you want to read the whole thing you can go try to find sci-hub. It’ll let you download full articles for free. Some sneaky Russian made the site and it keeps getting moved so you may need to search for a while.

The theory I’ve been talking about for the last couple of years in short form (and the one in the paper above):

Gliadin (one of the molecules in gluten), activates zonulin which controls the tight junctions in between cells in your gut. Tight junctions keep the cells in your intestines close together so things don’t sneak past them. I wrote a blog post about it. So put extremely simply, gluten makes your gut more permeable than it should be. This allows large molecules to escape your gut, enter your bloodstream and trigger an immune response (an IgG response). The way to figure out what foods are triggering an immune response is to do a food sensitivity test or an elimination diet (probably both).

Now there’s at least one intelligently written article out there that comes to EXACTLY the same conclusions!!! Slowly the medical community will catch on! YAY.

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  1. Amen Sista. Those of us who have moved past Standard American (Western) Diet (SAD) by choice or compelled by health/emotional issues are ultimately blessed. Too many folks are addicted to SAD and will not give it up even when diagnosed with a life-threatening condition. Better to be proactive than reactive. Thank you for sharing and continued suggess! (PS. This may be a double post)

  2. Stress (increased cortisol and other stress hormones) also effect tight junctions. Stress can also lead to poor digestion. Foods that are not completely broken down due to low stomach acidity (and eventually insufficient pancreatic stimulation) are much more likely to cause an immune reaction (IgA, IgG, immune complex and sometimes cytotoxic T cells). Most accurate test is LRA by ELISA/ACT

  3. So would your gut heal if gluten is totally cut out? Or would food sensitivity remain to be a problem because your immune system has become too conditioned to being on alert, and continue to react to certain foods even if the gut is back to normal?

    1. Honestly, I don’t know. I’ve cut out everything that was bothering me for over 2 years and I can’t seem to tolerate more foods… Theoretically if your gut is less permeable, you’d be able to handle more foods. But who knows how long that would take. If you eat gluten for 20 years, it wouldn’t be surprising it would take a while for it to heal. I think there’ll be research out there eventually, but I don’t know.

    2. Hey! I was just like you, health issues that just shouldnt be happening. Discovered eventually (25 years too late) the root cause, it was my dental mercury amalgam fillings, now even if you didnt get any the output from your mom while she was pregnant with you is enough. Switzerland banned these damm toxic pieces of s**t in the 80’s – the 80’s !! And they still insert them everyday into defenceless children in the west. Cue mega disease after insertion.

      The whole dental industry is almost responsible for almost all the west health issues. You wouldnt believe it until you have been through it. The mercury detox was utter hell and I wouldnt recommend it to anyone.

      The fact you are using an IR sauna seems to indicate you are detoxing something regularly. IF you got root canals, nickel\stainless steel braces, mercury fillings, or any other metal inserted into your body, it will cause alot of issues unless you have the detox system thats geared up to take metals out of you easily.

      I dont, hence, instant problems with 1 mercury filling.

      Let me know if this strikes a cord.


    3. It definitely does, I’ve looked into mercury amalgam fillings and made sure my parents had them removed. I don’t have any, but I actually probably should look into the brace I have below my lower teeth. It’s probably stainless steel though.. But I’ll do that. Thanks!

  4. Hi Mikhaila,
    I’m really enjoying your blog. I’m a physical therapist and Training to become a health coach. I read a ton about holistic medicine, functional medicine or whatever you want to call it. Have you heard of kelly brogan? She’s a holistic psychiatrist in New York. I think you’d be interested in her work. Thanks for sharing your experiences and keep it up!

  5. RE: Gluten. Is it possible that the toxic effects may be more due to glysophate. I think Canada imports a lot of grain in from the U.S. and farmers in the U.S. use glyphosate as a dessicant to prepare grains for harvest (in addition to weed killing). Oats, wheat, soybeans, etc. All grain-based products that are conventional are drenched in the stuff.

    The reason I throw that out is that humans have been consuming grain for several thousand years. Is it possible that the things in addition to the plants themselves could be part of the issue?

    Not sure if this is just my consideration, but gluten has a longer track record with humans than toxic herbicides.

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