Tammy Peterson – My Mom on Zero Carb

This is my mom after almost a year of mainly beef and some chicken. She also rarely has lobster and rarely has butter. She doesn’t have mood issues (but did when she was eating gluten). She’s had serious gut pain and trouble since she was a little kid. It took her until she was 40 to realize wheat was a problem, and has been wheat free since then. In 2015 I realized it was probably Celiac disease and she got rid of the rest of the little bits of gluten she was eating. She’s had diverticulitis and definitely has had physical gut damage seen through multiple colonoscopies. This has been resolved through the carnivore diet in the last year (also seen through a colonoscopy). Resolved. Take that in. She’s always looked good and exercised, but switching over to the carnivore diet she lost 10 pounds and her stomach went completely flat. Her arms are much tighter too. Her arthritis is more or less under control. Her knees still bother her a bit but her thumbs are way better. I’m very proud. She looks amazing.

My mom is 57. This diet works for any age. I posted this photo on my Instagram, and Facebook in December but decided to update the blog too. She’s had two kids. Getting a healthy body is possible and you can do it very quickly with the right dietary interventions. Keep working at it. It’s worth it. It’s not about exercise. It’s about diet. At least it’s 90 percent diet.

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  1. I’ve been struggling with diverticulitis for 3 years and I am at a point of feeling like my only option is surgery. I’ve heard a few stories of carnivore being a potential cure but 99% of everything else I’ve seen states the opposite and that it might even make it much worse. I’m so conflicted!

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