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Guest Post: Thank you! (All Beef Success Story)

By Mikhaila

This post is from Alex. Fantastic!

“I’ve had depression for the last 20 years. Over the last few years, my body has been slowly getting sicker and sicker. Intestinal inflammation, aching joints, lethargy. I knew instinctively that something was really wrong.

I saw your dad talk about you on a YouTube interview. I looked you up and read your story.
It resonated with me because my mum has rheumatoid arthritis and is celiac.

I’ve been a beef carnivore since 1st September 2018. The changes it has brought for me are profound. My body is still literally healing itself and my depression has gone.

It took six weeks for the amazing energy levels and ever-positive mood to kick in. I’m a 50-year-old man but I find myself with the energy and enthusiasm for life I had in my mid-20s! My body is pain-free and I move with the vigor of a 25-year-old!

Thank you Mikhaila for sharing your journey!

Warm regards,

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  1. It must be hard to feel so ill for so long. If your mum has coeliac disease then you have the gene and I assume a high risk as well. Did you ever get a blood test to check if you should avoid gluten. It can cause all the conditions you mentioned, and perhaps avoiding gluten has made you feel better. Have you consulted a dietician? Just wondering as I am interested in whether people have tried other stuff or just gone the meat way without accounting for other conditions like celiac or food allergies or FODMAPS. I suspect for many people avoiding gluten by going all meat has cleared up their silent celiac symptoms.

  2. The Fodmap is a good guide, however my experience with wheat has been opposite.

    A very bad case of Coeliac was cured by adding high gluten amount of wheat bread to the all beef diet.

    The beef diet must be interacting with the wheat bread to transform the gluten into Coeliac healing medicine. This is an interesting find! The Coeliac gene spontaneously disappeared after the environment soaked it back up. The gluten must have adhered to the Coeliac gene allowing it to concentrate and cluster in shedding tissues such as hair, nails and pcrk. Of course this contradicts everything we have been told, but why would you trust the grouse. You should have been eating beef all along.

  3. While staring at a stalk of broccoli, I could no longer resist the temptation. I told myself that just once wasn’t going to hurt anything… Gosh I was so mistaken! I knew indulging it was going to turn out very bad for me. Now I feel so guilty!

    I made the error of eating the toxic vegetble. My tendons are flared up and the autoimmune reactivity has caused me to bloat to toxic proportions. All my joints are swollen and my eyes are starting to look buggy and disturbingly racoon-like. I fear I might have contracted a rare disease from my dirty vegetable indulgence.

    It is all my fault.. I’ve been so good about eating only pure healthy meats lately. It has been many months without nasty vegetables and I was certain I was over my vegetable addiction.

    My addiction was so severe that I was eating vegetables first thing in the morning even preferring it over morning sex. It got so bad that eventually I would violently punt her plump tna out of the bed to get to the fridge faster before she could steal any of my addictive veggies. The vegetable binge would begin on waking and would continue throughout the day and while in bed. Eventually I found out she was probably cheating on me with a carrot, I knew she sucked like a vacuum but never imagined that she would imitate my behavior in that way. Yet my addiction was so bad it hardly registered between fistfuls of string beans.

    The sad part. Eventually all this vegetable eating I began to grow man tits. All I could think about was the next vegetale, be it a grassy green or a grape green. No amount of bell pepper could satisfy the vegetable lust, that is until I had the nervous breakdown realize I had avoided meat for so long I was begining to transform into a cow due to my beef deficiency. I was even growing the cow tits and lactating from my moobs like a cow.

    That is when I found the meat diet. The first week was horrendous, but the beef really cleans out the toxins accumulated from years of vegetable and humus abuse. I was finally clean, that is until today. The autoimmune pain is unbearables and my nipples are beggining to weep again. Now I realize why I kicked her out, I am allergic to estrogen. The lack of meat is turning me into an ugly bull dyke, this is scary because I am attracted to short hair, so I must avoid looking in the mirror which provokes my adrenal hormone.

    1. Pedermeats improved your Sanjtay!?

      Apparent, somehow you share common roosting quarry with a domestic Hippophantoid? Judging by the sheer size of such animal, an oversize pcrk, just how will you manage if latch onto your leg and rhythmic dry humps your sperglika parasitoid?


  4. Meat can help counteract the toxins that ferment on vegetable liquid gel caps. Cepacaisnt supposed to grow in vegetables that do not carry the cystic fibrosis coeliac gene. Big chunks are found in liquid vegetable gel may farm animals, odd what bloody disasters go on at strange vegetable producing farming facility. Maybe corws are better than vegetablar?

    1. The key to happiness is to avoid ALL vegetable, especially liquid. Meat is impervious to all toxins.

      How does such liquid vegetable run freely through a sterile water supply they say? They discourage the use of Beef in favor of vegetables. There is misinformation about diet and lies that liquid vegetable farms are good for you, and veggieplants are somehow healthy even though spinach grows toxins.

      Truth be told, Beef loins are better for you. My friend was sterilized by a vegetable’s thorn pricked and she had autoimmune scarring. Perhaps the vegetable thorn was attracted to her because she had hearing defect? There are many toxic vegetables running loose, why so many? The water runoff is toxic too. And there are copies of copies of people running around and now even more copies of the same person than before, at least one version is Canadian at any given time, the vegetables are doing this. Quite a few farm animals with missing posted at the proximal CVS. The spores in meat which Sapolsky speaks are none to worry about. Just because the meat contains some spores DOES NOT mean that you are for some reason an Oppressive male baboon, especially if you happen to be growing bitch tits like the previous poster. A true feminst would embrace playing with ones own man titties in the mirror. Consider yourself lucky to have such cheap form of amusement and don’t talk faggy.

    2. Seems like the meat is doing something great to improve the health of your brainslug. Gormandizing spergis hang-grape

  5. Congratulations, Alex. It’s a wonderful thing to feel healthy again after struggling with chronic ailments, especially after the age of 50 when we need a bit more patience waiting for results (but when it happens, we feel young again.) I’ve just completed 5 months as a carnivore and am looking forward to the new year just around the corner. All the best to you as you continue 🙂

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