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Thanks for the support and testimonials

By Mikhaila

First testimonials:

If you’ve changed the way you’ve eaten, please submit a testimonial! Whether it’s cutting dairy, cutting gluten, cutting sugar, cutting all three, doing the initial diet I had written, or going all the way to zero-carb, let me know how things changed and what kind of difference it made.


I got a lot of hell initially for changing the way I ate. From everyone. First I got hell for sleeping all the time (I couldn’t wake up… I was kind of dying). “If you didn’t sleep all the time you’d _____” (insert something I wouldn’t be suffering from if I stopped sleeping). Then I got hell for drinking all the time (drinking actually kept me awake). “If you stopped drinking your skin would clear up, you wouldn’t sleep all the time, you’d be less depressed, etc.” Then I switched the way I ate and improved and got hell for being a food weirdo!

Skepticism is healthy, but there was a lot of it, and it was hard on me. I got told I was hurting people around me, that I was going to die of anorexia, that I wasn’t going to produce breast milk, that I was crazy, Hell, the cult leader got thrown in there more than once…

The feedback on this website and on Facebook and Instagram has been overwhelmingly positive. I’ve had vegans tell me they’re happy I’m healthier. Now and then I get someone telling me I’m nuts but that’s okay, I can understand their skepticism and I’m surrounded by so much positivity here that I’m not scared to write what I think.

I was very worried when I started this blog that I was going to get hell for eating funny. But I didn’t, not at all.

So thanks, everyone!

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  1. First, I just wanted to say thanks for sharing your experience and being strong enough to do so. Next I wanted to say that I’m coming out of a 4 year long depression and I firmly believe it’s been by following the diet you’ve laid out. The biggest help for me was cutting out dairy and vegetables/fruits that trigger my allergies. I was never lactose intolerant, so I couldn’t understand why it caused so much “brain fog”, but it really does. The mostly meat diet is making life tolerable again.
    Anyway, thank you!

  2. I am 71 and went off gluten 2 yrs back as it caused my hands to ache. Low carbs work too-lost 50 lbs a few yrs ago on it. But gained them back when went off it. But now thanks to you and your father A True modern Day PROPHET and this blog.I am going back to super low carbs and maybe all meat. God bless you for this blog and for your perseverance in face of all the crap deluded people throw your way.

  3. I’m just tired of being depressed! I was on total body make over diet for several years and loss weight but never could shake the depression. I would get better at times but always fall back into depression. I can’t take prescription drugs. I’ve tried but I fall even worse into depression. I am hypoglycemic and very low blood pressures. I’ve learned to stay well hydrated so my blood pressure stays low (93/62) but doesn’t bottom out as when I was dehydrated. I’m not a little women either. 5″7, 160 pounds. I’ve been eating old fashioned oatmeal 1/2 cup 2 times as a meal with turkey. About 54 carbs daily which keeps my sugar levels between 75- 92. I sleep like a baby which I haven’t done so in a very long time.Thank you for your help and your bravery!

    1. charlotte,

      You seem to have ridiculously good knowledge for me and my diet problems. Do you eat the oatmeal dry or with some kind of liquid? It is funny that a lot of time after I finish exercising I fall in a Wizard of Oz deep sleep for 20-50 minutes but it is improving since I went on the ZC diet. I know I have low BP also and wonder whether this is sugar related too?

    2. I’m from the south so we southerners eat our oatmeal cooked in water. I’m not sure if low blood pressures are related to low blood sugars. I’m now only eating 1/2 cup of cooked oatmeal once daily. It seems to keep my blood sugars balanced with out the extra carbs twice daily. If it seems like I have some knowledge it’s only because I’ve been struggling all my life with health issues and depression. Just trying to get healthier. Best of luck!

    3. PS. I must drink over 100oz of water daily are my blood pressures drop as well. Maybe staying hydrated will help with your exercise routine where you won’t feel like you need a nap. But what works for one doesn’t necessary work for others?

    4. I have had low blood pressure all of my life and was never a problem in my younger days and is still in a acceptable range. I still think this deep sleep problem is the “stress” this disorder puts on my system and structure but the ZC diet is definitely improving this symptom. Your comment is making me think maybe a little oatmeal after workout might smooth things out. I do drink plenty of water but the oatmeal maybe something for me to try later down the road.

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