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This diet is hard.

By Mikhaila

So a couple of weeks ago I realized I was reacting to fish. I’ve gotten much more sensitive since the pregnancy, and haven’t been able to keep my symptoms under control. They’re NOTHING like they used to be, but they’re still not fun. I’m pretty arthritic in the morning (I can’t really use my hands for the first couple of hours), and my big toe is really bugging me. Then there’s the fact I’m itchy, weepy, and generally unhappy.

Again, this is nothing like it used to be. But it’s not as good as I was doing before the pregnancy.

A week ago I went back to my original elimination diet. Green vegetables and meat. No fruit, no honey, nothing.  It’s been really hard. My sugar cravings have arrived and they’re worse than they were when I cut out cane sugar.

I caved last night after 7 days and had 3 apples. I was feeling better yesterday, my mood finally went up. Today my eyes are puffy and my mood had dipped 3 points (I rate my mood out of 10 everyday). So fruit is out. Looks like I have to stick to my green veggies and meat diet. It sucks. It really sucks. And the cravings suck, and the arthritis sucks and the mood especially sucks. Having an autoimmune disorder is terrible.

But I do believe that I’ll be better in a month, if that’s all I eat. So I’ll updated you guys later and see if I can get my body under control again.

UPDATE: I got it under control. Lion diet style.

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  1. Me again… oops, I mean…’diagnosed’…’eradicated’ forgive other spelling errors please. By the way I have 3 daughters and my middle daughter has NOT suffered from either AI illness nor depression.

    1. That’s so interesting that your middle daughter dodged it. Thank god for that. I really hope there will be more answers in the future. I believe there will be.

  2. It’s great to read that you found this out at such a young age. I found out by accident when I was almost 40. I purchased full fat cream instead of coconut milk (how stupid can you be?) and used the entire bottle to make a sauce with it. The impact was sudden and remarkable. My mood swings became manageable and my focus and sleep improved dramatically. When I called my mum two weeks later, she thought I was manic depressive because I sounded so happy. Wheatfree, low sugar and high fat works for me.
    I owe a lot of gratitude to doctors like David Perlmutter, William Davis and Robert Lustig. I don’t think I would have been able to find it all out myself, at least not that fast.

    I wish you good health. Remember that the information you put out about this, may help others and change their lives.

    1. That’s fantastic! I get a ton of fat in my diet too, I’ll have to make a post about that. I haven’t heard of Robert Lustig, but I’ll look into him. David Perlmutter has been very helpful. Thanks for your words

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