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Worst Offenders to Safest Foods – And Why Vegans Get Better

By Mikhaila

This is a list of foods that I found irritated me the most to the least. If I’ve missed any foods, please comment. I know it comes off as a random/quack list of foods, but I’ve put some thought into it, and this is how my body has reacted.

Why Vegans Feel Better:

If you eliminate the first 3 on this list you should see quite an improvement.

This is part of the reason going vegan makes people feel so much better (depending on the person of course). The first three foods are really hard on people. Eliminating dairy can really help. Going vegetarian is probably the worst thing you can do, you end up eating grains and dairy and eliminating meat. Increase your consumption of soy to replace meat and you’re in even worse shape. Not a good idea. At least going vegan eliminates dairy. They just lump meat in there and end up getting rid of the safest food. So I understand people who have changed the way they ate, gone plant-based, and felt better. Hell, the people who go gluten-free vegan and limit their sugar intake have already eliminated the top three harmful foods. No wonder they feel better. Gluten and dairy and sugar are not good. But meat can’t be lumped in there just because it’s an animal product. People need it in order to really thrive.

If you eliminate the first 7, even better. I would say the first 12 items really bothered me, but not as bad as the first 7. Go all the way to greens and meat, even better, or even just meat.

Worst  to Best

  1. Gluten-containing grains: wheat, rye, barley, spelt, kamut
  2. Dairy
  3. Cane Sugar
  4. Soy
  5. Citrus fruits
  6. Legumes (including peanuts) and bananas and melons
  7. Other grains – rice, quinoa
  8. Figs
  9. Canola oil
  10. Potatoes
  11. Almonds
  12. Green Cabbage
  13. Squash
  14. Grapes
  15. Pork
  16. Coffee

Less immune reactive (starting from most immune reactive to least)

  1. Plums
  2. Berries
  3. Peaches and nectarines
  4. Pears and apples
  5. Macadamia nuts (people seem to tolerate these better than other nuts)
  6. Avocado
  7. Red Cabbage
  8. Coconut flesh
  9. Black pepper
  10. Olives
  11. Greens – lettuce, arugula, spinach, collard greens, swiss chard
  12. Tea – peppermint and black
  13. Coconut oil and olive oil
  14. Fish
  15. Chicken
  16. Salt
  17. Beef
  18. Water


  • I can tolerate the minerals they add to sparkling water (potassium citrate, etc.)
  • I can take activated charcoal. I use this before I go to bed if I drink plus this.
  • I can drink vodka and bourbon and not suffer for too long afterward. I’ll be a bit stiff, and have a hangover, but that’s about it. Other alcohols have additives I react to.

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  1. Thanks, Mikhaila. I am happy for your successes and am interested in trying an elimination diet. I just have a few questions. So cutting down to meat and greens is pretty universally beneficial? It’s not related to one’s blood type or ancestry? Also, do you think part of your success may be due to the factors behind food combining? Thanks!

  2. I’ve been LCHF for 15 months and after losing an initial 30# and feeling great weight loss stalled in November and now feel tired & achy again. I’m considering going carnivore to see how I feel. Do I have to give up coconut oil & butter/ghee? I use coconut oil in my coffee & cook with butter/ghee. Do I also need to give up all spices like onion & garlic powder?

  3. It is interesting to watch all of the questions pour in to Mikhaila and she may have answers for you all…I may be wrong, but from what I can tell, Mikhaila is sharing what is working for her. She is not writing a rule book for all to blindly follow.
    I am not sure she can tell you whether or not it is okay for you to use coconut oil.

    1. Exactly Bliss. People don’t seem to get that you need to figure out what works for you personally as no two people are exactly the same. I recommend this website which teaches you how to kind of experiment on yourself https://biohacku.com/

  4. I am sorry, but this is rubbish.
    I had different sort of diseases until I excluded meat, effectively becoming a vegetarian.
    General statements like “Going vegetarian is probably the worst thing you can do” are worth nothing.
    It is all individual, if something helped you, doesn’t mean it will help others.

  5. @alagiz
    Perhaps you should start a blog telling, in great detail, your story.

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