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Zero Carb/Carnivore Diet – update 2 months in

By Mikhaila

Hey everyone,

I tried reintroducing olives. I was pretty skeptical about the zero carb thing. I thought maybe the reason it was working for people was because they ended up cutting out all the problematic foods at once – wheat, dairy, soy, sugar, preservatives, everything. But maybe they were also eliminating the beneficial foods.

Anyway, I reintroduced olives, just to see. I thought olives would be in the category of beneficial foods. Ones with nothing but organic olives and olive oil. I had no bloating, no digestive problems, and no weird woozy feeling after eating (a lot of) them,  but then two days later I started getting lower back pain. I get lower back pain before the reaction hits my mood. And it always hits my mood if I get that pain. So I stopped the olives (actually I ran out – I really like olives). I haven’t had any since. I probably had the equivalent of a jar of them over a period of 3 days. I may have continued eating them when my back started hurting, hoping it was nothing. But it’s never nothing.

Long story short – vegetables/fruit/etc are not in the game for me anymore. I’m having a reaction (very minor in comparison to what I’ve experienced previously with other foods – rice, soy, etc.). My muscles are tense, my ankle and my hip have stiffened up, I’m minorly arthritic in my shoulder, big toe, and knee, my lips started cracking, my face is a bit puffy, and my mood has dropped about 25%. I have lower back pain, I’m closer to tears, and my skin is irritated – minor breakouts. I’m also getting cravings again! I haven’t had cravings in months. All in all, I can’t eat olives, looks like plants are out, but the reaction is minor in comparison to most other foods

If I were reading this a number of years ago I would probably look at this and think “hypochondriac”. I don’t know what to say to that.

It looks like everything other than meat is giving me arthritis. I seem to have lost a tolerance to the few vegetables I could tolerate before the pregnancy. I’m not particularly upset, I’m still happy that I can get rid of the arthritis with diet. Just wanted to update everyone.

On the bright side, my husband is thriving on the diet I have listed, and dad is managing. He’s not quite as sensitive as me, but I feel like if we can’t figure out the underlying problem, he might end up on just meat too.

Another bright side, I am not sick of steak. I don’t think I can get sick of ribeye. At least I’m not stuck eating eggplant right?

Here’s a picture of a 6-month-old baby:


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  1. I love to see consistency! I had similar responses to reintroduction of (fill in the blank). Ribeye is best, and never, ever tiresome, even after all these years! So glad you found relief, Mikhaila!!

  2. It is no wonder that your gut bacteria is a mess when taking shocking amounts of antibiotics and immune suppressants your whole life. I think it is a plausible assumption that many of your health issues are caused by candida, especially as you reported feeling drunk after eating sugar which I have heard before. However, meat is very bad for the bacteria as it creates an environment in which candida can take over even more. It might help in the short run but as you mentioned your sensitivities increase as your gut is getting worse over time. I don‘t really know how to fix this but you NEED plants and fiber to repair your gut and avoid antibiotics like the plague. I rely a lot on Dr. Michael Greger when it comes to nutritional advice and yes, he is vegan, but that shouldn‘t stop you from having a look into his impressive collection of studies he and his team reviewed. You can find him on Youtube and he even wrote a book lately called „How Not To Die“. He is all about general health advice so I don‘t know whether it will help you specifically but the science seems legit.

    1. This information isn’t correct. A meat diet does NOT encourage candida growth. Dr Michael Greger has an agenda and the advice he gives is harmful if anything. If you’re getting information that meat causes candida from him, that’s so wrong its shocking. The vegan diet is extremely harmful. I do see the benefit of cutting dairy but the idea that humans shouldn’t eat meat is idiotic at best. If you just compare him to Dr. Shawn Baker (meat only) in looks you can tell who is healthier. Your gut doesn’t need plants. Your information is faulty.

    2. I was vegan for 4 years and got very ill. I am grateful that I was able to recover from low B-12.
      Vegan groups gave me wrong information about where I could get B-12.
      Some people can cope with a vegan diet. Not me.
      I still suffer balance problems from my disastrous vegan experience.

    3. Sorry, Hanny. Vegans have no credibility when it comes to dietary advise. Their primary concern is animals (I have no problem with that), but then they make up stuff to justify being a vegan. There is absolutely no reason why you can’t indulge in other foods. And in the case of Mikhaila, eating just meat turned her entire life around. A vegan/plant based diet would have resulted in little or no improvement.

      And the title of his book, “How Not to Die,” implies that you will die if you are not a vegan. In reality, we have so many more people living past 90 and 100, and I doubt more than 1% of them were or are vegans.

    4. I would love to hear why you think Greger is wrong as he always cites the scientific studies to back his arguments. Are there other studies he leaves out? I have found a lot of relief for my RA symptoms when I eliminate the dairy, wheat and meat.

    5. Have you tried just eliminating the dairy and wheat though? Sometimes people end up eliminating meat and the reason it helps is because of the other things they’ve eliminated. I’m going to start summarizing scientific articles, I’ll look into some of his studies and definitely post them.

  3. Greger is a vegan first, and a plant-based diet advocate second.

    He does not want to use animals for food. That’s fine. But then he makes up bogus “science,” and write a book called How Not to Die. Like eating steak once a month or eggs once a week is going to kill you.

    Never trust a vegan providing nutritional advise. Nothing wrong with a plant-based diet. But it is unrealistic for 99% of the population.

  4. Where do I find information on how the body works functionally with no carbs? How does one survive without carbohydrates?

  5. Hi Mikhaila
    Thanks sharing your story and success with the zero-carb diet. I’m sure it is helping many people everyday as they search for answers.
    My question is in regards to my dad. He is in his mid-70’s and has peripheral neuropathy very bad in his feet legs and unfortunately it seems to be going to other parts of his body now.
    With some internet searches I have found some people are having success with a zero carb diet for PN, but then other sites are polar opposite and recommending vegetables and fruit!
    I am thinking that I’d recommend the zero carb to my dad (and I’d go on the diet with him for support) if you or others on this thread have had success in treating peripheral neuropathy with this diet.

    1. It’s worth a shot. I definitely wouldn’t recommend vegetables and fruit. It only takes about 6 weeks to see results, so if he can muscle through the diet for that period of time, it’s definitely worth a shot.

  6. Thank you so much for posting. Finally, I have “met” people with the same weird reactions to food as me. I have been suffering for over 3 years, many doctors appts with 0 answers. The only improvement I have had is from figuring it out in my own. I am almost down to only eating meat. I can have a few vegetables but continue to react to new foods. I am going to search the blog to see if you have any recipes you recommend.. thank you. And please keep spreading the word. Much love! ✌?

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