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Zero Carb – What Type of Meat Do I Get?

By Mikhaila

I’ve been scrolling through comments and there have been a number of questions about what type of meat I’m eating.  Sorry, I don’t get to them all, I’m super busy and there are a lot of comments. They’re great to read but I’m too slow to keep up!

A couple of things:

  1. I try to buy antibiotic/hormone-free grass-fed beef as much as I can. Ribeye is my favorite, but I’ll also eat blade roasts (they’re fattier), and ground beef. Grass-fed beef is really expensive so I’m not always eating grass-fed. Sometimes it’s grain-finished.
  2. I always avoid antibiotics in meat.
  3. All this being said, I haven’t had a bad reaction to grain-fed beef with antibiotics/hormones. When I went to Europe it was hard to tell what was in the meat. I didn’t have a reaction to any of it, even though some of it tasted awful. I don’t have a reaction to grain-fed beef either. If I go to a restaurant and order a steak, chances are its grain-fed and has antibiotics, and it doesn’t make me flare.

I guess my suggestion would be: Shop around, look for a butcher at cheaper prices. Farmer’s markets are great. We shop with Mennonites on the weekend and they have inexpensive beef that’s grass-fed (although not always) and antibiotic/hormone-free. If the price is a huge issue and a game-changer, it’s better to just eat more meat even if it’s grain-fed with antibiotics, than to not eat more meat. Theoretically, the grass-fed antibiotic-free meat is better for you (and it makes sense that it would be) so that’s what I try to eat, but I honestly haven’t physically noticed a difference between that and grain-fed with antibiotics. 

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  1. Hi Mikhaila,

    I’ve previously been on a zero carb diet and for me one issue with that was constipation. Do you have regular bowel movements or are you taking any supplementation to aid you with that?

  2. we have found it much easier to buy 1/4 steer direct from a farmer, with bones for broth. I also purchase a 1/2 pig and his butcher makes a yummy sausage with 0 sugar and only the seasonings we can tolerate. (Thankfully I’m good with most spices and many herbs). This way we know our animal’s diet and health. The pigs are fed well, not just scraps or feed. I love pork, so it’s a godsend. Do you do broth? It’s been a godsend when I’m on the go, and a replacement for coffee.

  3. I gave up a lucrative career to become an organic farmer a few years ago because like yourself I discovered that the food we are told is good for us is making us very sick. Thank you Mikhaila for creating this site. If we are not healthy nothing else matters.

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  5. Hi Mikhaila. I’m on Day 9 of Carnivore. My stomach just won’t settle down. It’s making noises every evening and my BM’s aren’t improving. There not happening more to the point. So far I’ve mainly been eating grass fed Rump steaks. Chicken and Calfs Liver daily. Then a little bit of lamb, pork or veal mince. No dairy. No butter. Just tallow if desired. I am restless in my sleep as well. It’s 01:00 am in the UK as I write this, so much so is the discomfort. Can’t figure out what I’m doing that my body doesn’t like. Could the organ meats and the minimal glycogen in them be an issue? Have you incorporated organ meats. I’m using sea salt in large amounts and supplementing with other electrolytes. Perhaps need to just be patient and cut out liver and pork for now.

    1. Hey! Sorry for the delay. Things are going to be weird for at least 3 weeks. Symptoms might get worse. Play around with different cuts, you might be eating too little or too much fat. My digestion didn’t settle down for a solid month, and then it normalized. What electrolytes are you adding? I had bloating and diarrhea for the first month-6 weeks of the diet. My other symptoms improved so I just dealt with it and hoped it would go away which it did. If I don’t get back to you on there, feel free to email me. mikhaila@mikhost. Good luck, hope things have improved.

    2. Low carb and zero carb diets can cause your body to flush electrolytes. Magnesium deficiency sounds like the culprit here. Magnesium Glycinate is the best. Others can cause loose bowels.

  6. Hi Mikhaila,

    Just a quick question for you. If you don’t mind, could you share where you get your grass fed beef? I know you said a Mennonite farm, but could you share which one, specifically? I live in Toronto as well and would love to find a source for grass fed beef I can actually trust. Thanks so much! 🙂

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