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By Mikhaila

The good news is, even though we are so sensitive to food, alcohol doesn’t seem to be a problem! Rejoice in small miracles.

The bad news is its dependant on the type of alcohol.

Here are the ones that are okay:

Whiskey (Bourbon and American Whiskey labeled “straight” whiskey. Most other whiskeys have caramel colouring made from burnt sugars.)

Vodka – Make sure it’s unflavoured and preferably a brand you know of. Russian vodkas usually have sugar (Beluga and Russian Standard do not) and unflavoured Ciroc also has sugar. If it tastes better than usual – it’s probably sugar.

Silver Tequila

The above doesn’t make us react because they’ve been distilled so many times that all the allergens are removed. If colour, or flavouring has been added though, it’s out.

And for an excellent hangover cure, read this. Seriously get these.

Here is what is not okay:

Wine – Sulfites, and grapes don’t work out

Beer – Seriously out. Made from barley and not distilled to remove the gluten

Cider- Sulfites (usually), and too much sugar

Gin – Added botanicals (orange, almonds, etc.) – Found out about the added botanicals the hard way…

Gold Tequila

Liqueur – Sugar is added

EDITED: I deleted silver tequila. Turns out they add things to that too. Found that out the hard way.

UPDATE: 2023 I finally produced a supplement to help you detoxify acetaldehyde after 6 years of trying to source it myself somewhat unsuccessfully. It’s pure dihydromyricetin (high dose) available at fullerhealth.com. Cannot recommend enough if you do decide to drink.

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    1. Heartbroken. Oh well, small price to pay. I’ll stick with Patron and find a good Whiskey. Does Scotch technically fall into that category of whiskey?

  1. Good for you – I have migraines and that’s my main reason why I started to dig into the whole food sensitivity issues. It’s rare that I can have it (I’ll pay my price if I do).

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