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Better Than Bacon Recipe

By Mikhaila

It’s actually fried jerky with fat (trust me it’s amazing), but better than bacon. Dad agrees. He named the title and came up with the recipe.

Approximate time: 15 minutes

We eat a lot of fatty cuts of steak (rib steak for instance). If you save the fat instead of cutting around it and throwing it out (and store it in the fridge), you can make this delicious dish. It’s shockingly good, try it out.


Steak fat
Jerky (can be unflavoured dried meat)
Salad ingredients
Apple cider vinegar
Olive oil


1. After refrigerating your steak fat (so it’s solid), chop it into really tiny bits (as small as possible). The chopped pieces are about the size of my thumbnail.

2. Turn a frying pan on medium high and drop the chopped fat in.

3. Once it’s sizzling, turn it down.

4. Stir once one side is browned.

5. Chop up jerky (or bits of other meat) (see jerky recipe for details – this jerky can be unflavoured though).

6. Add jerky (or bits of other meat) to the fat.

7. Add salt, pepper, and turmeric. You can be very generous.

8. Turn to low and let cook until everything is caramelized (usually 6-7 minutes).

9. While it’s cooking, make yourself a salad.

10. Chop up lettuce (I use one bunch per salad from those packs of 3)

11. Add arugula (a handful)

12. Add cilantro (if you’re a cilantro person – I am)

13. Add cucumbers if you want

14. Add jerky/fat mix to the salad!

I usually eat this in the morning with salad (if I’ve had steak recently).

15. Add olive oil and vinegar, salt and pepper, and you’re done!

This is plenty for breakfast or whatever other meal. And really tasty.

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  1. This is an amazing idea! I get so tired of just bacon and eggs for breakfast but without bread or starches the options are seriously limited. I love turmeric but does this much of it not overpower the flavour?

  2. Yum! When I’ve worked in fine dining restaurants we do that with the meat & bacon trimmings for ‘family meal’ (the staff meal) and it’s really delicious. Love that you put it on a salad with herbs.

  3. Is there a vegan way I can do this diet? Someone I know got rid of is depression by going vegan. I am trying to get rid of arthritis, gout and anxiety. Thanks

    1. I don’t think so. Sometimes the only thing people are sensitive to is dairy, that’s usually why the vegan diet makes people feel better. You’re not going to get enough food if you cut out meat on this diet. The vegan diet definitely wouldn’t have worked for me. Generally they focus on legumes, nuts, and soy for protein. Doing the opposite of a vegan diet and eating as much meat as you can, would probably work better than a vegan diet. Unfortunate but that’s how it works for me anyway

    2. My husband used to cook a separate meal for me because I was removing so many things from my diet (grain, soy, seed oils, most additives. Eventually he decided to move to my diet merely to simplify things and lessen his work load. Even though he initially thought there was no connection between diet and his health issues, he is now off of blood pressure meds, gout medication and statins. We have both been reducing dairy more recently due to acne (in our 50’s) cold sores and PND ( continually clearing the throat). I was keenly interested when JP mentioned gum disease. I have always been told that this was from brushing too hard!

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