Morning Sickness Cure

By Mikhaila

My experience with morning sickness:

Whenever I ate something wrong I was incredibly nauseous. For instance, I started taking a prenatal that had soy and was nauseous that entire week (before I realized it had added soy). I had a severe reaction to something I ate and tried to take antidepressants. I actually ended up throwing those up. After the soy and antidepressant, when I was eating extremely low carb, no dairy, my nausea improved. I believe morning sickness is your body rejecting the food we weren’t supposed to eat while pregnant (or possibly at all). I think this will be easy to test out.

To get rid of morning sickness (or even just to see if it makes a difference)

  1. Have only meat for dinner one night (I found that I would still have morning sickness if I ate something wrong the night before). If you’re extremely concerned about limiting yourself this far, have a salad as well – lettuce, cucumber, apple cider vinegar and olive oil. Don’t add steak sauces, just have salt and pepper.
  2. Have only meat (or repeat with the above salad) in the morning and see how you feel.

The fact that I was able to control my morning sickness with diet seems obvious looking back. Evolutionarily it completely makes sense for our bodies to reject what isn’t good for us. The least you can do to try and reduce your morning sickness would be get rid of gluten and dairy, but that probably wouldn’t be good enough. Pregnant bodies are very sensitive. I’ve spoken with a number of mothers on low carb and their experiences were that their morning sickness improved with a low carb diet. I believe this is much healthier for you, and whatever is healthier for you is healthier for your baby. I believe if you’re experiencing morning sickness, it’s completely controllable with diet. Let me know your thoughts! And I of course will update with my next pregnancy.

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  1. I was nauseous from morning till night. Sometimes very very difficult to get out of bed. I would say everything that I have read I have done… Hasn’t helped. Except No to morning sickness tea, it made the nausea completely go away, literally night and day. I recommend trying it!

  2. I am 65 years old and have morning nausea quite often. I can’t eat breakfast until at least 10:00 in the morning. Just thinking of food makes me nauseous. I am willing to try no carbs to see if this alleviates the problem and to also drop some weight.

  3. I’m pregnant with my 4th I’m about 7 weeks. Morning sickness has been kicking in lately. My husband showed me your episode with Joe Rogan, and needless to say it freaked me out a bit! I dont have any confirmed medical conditions besides chronic depression but I’ve had gut issues and some joint inflammation, but I’m very interested in trying an all meat diet. What would be some good meaty snacks? Or do I just cook up a bunch of meat to put in the fridge and just snack on it every time I get hungry?

    1. Cook it all up! I made jerky with round roast and a dehydrator but it’s too lean. It’s better with added tallow. Experiment. I ate a lot of steak during my pregnancy. And chicken wings… I’d definitely recommend beef though. Pregnancy is hard but amazing. Good luck!

  4. any update on your daughter’s diet? we’re about to start the diet for ourselves but our youngest kid is 18 months old; we also have an 8 year old daughter and 11 year old son. Is there any other info we could read regarding children and the lion diet?

    Thanks Mikhaila! We love everything you and your father are doing, and especially love the videos regarding family/children

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