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The Diet – Updated March 2018

By Mikhaila

Jordan Peterson’s Diet (extremely low carb):


  • turkey
  • beef
  • chicken
  • lamb
  • duck
  • wild game is fine too, elk, moose, etc.
  • wild salmon
  • tunacheck the ingredients! Get stuff that’s just tuna and water and perhaps salt.
  • organ meat – chicken liver tastes the best I find
  • wild herring – check the ingredients!
  • wild sardinescheck the ingredients!


  • lettuce
  • arugula
  • arugula microgreens (arugula sprouts)
  • cucumber
  • swiss chard
  • seaweed –check the ingredients! this is hard to find without soy and other things. The brand I’ve linked to is safe and really tasty
  • cilantro
  • collard greens
  • broccoli
  • spinach


  • olives – check the ingredients! see my olive post. be super careful about which brands you buy here too, many have preservatives and flavours and dyes.


  • apple cider vinegar – try to get the organic stuff so there aren’t dyes and flavours added


  • coconut oil – get unrefined. And try to avoid the Nutiva brand. It’s everywhere but it doesn’t taste as good, and I’ve had ones that have gone bad before.
  • olive oil – make sure your olive oil is pure olive oil. Sometimes it’s also soybean oil!


  • salt
  • pepper
  • turmeric

Mikhaila Peterson’s Diet (Zero-carb Lion Diet):

Soda water because I’m a princess

Dad doesn’t tolerate carbs well. He’s cut out sweet potatoes, parsnips, and carrots and is down to JUST meat and greens. Those of you who have been following for a while may see changes from the original diet here. The original diet is what worked for me pre-pregnancy. For whatever reason, I lost the ability to tolerate any carbs (so any vegetable) after/during pregnancy. It took me about 6 months to realize what was going on and then switched to all meat (Dec 2017). Dad may be going zero-carb soon. He can get his mood to a 7-7.5/10 with the above diet but I don’t think that’s good enough. Zero-carb is easier, and there don’t seem to be any downsides. Currently symptom-free and thrilled about it. I also love steak.

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  1. Hi Mikhaila, big fan here.

    what about Bacon and bacon grease? I was intending to do mostly bacon with greens for a week. Why is pork not on your list?

  2. Hi Mikhaila,
    Hi from London Ontario. I know, not that far haha. I’m wondering if your “no carb” diet is literally just beef and salt and soda water. I’d like to try it to see if it helps with mood regulation for my highs and lows. So no veggies, no bread, no soda crackers right? (I’ve been randomly addicted to soda crackers lately).


  3. I believe, I believe, I believe!
    I am extending my gratitude to you and your Father! Onward & Upward to all of us who are trying to go toward the light through the guidance of your brilliant father. Diet & Spirit

  4. just curious, are you blood type O ? maybe I’m wrong here, but there’s a theory that Blood type O does good on a meat diet (info from Dadamo’s blood type diet). Just trying to figure some things out for myself , which diet to follow; having problems with eye floaters for 3 years now (and I’m just 32) and heard Mr. Jordan Peterson cured it with this diet, by any chance is he blood type O?
    Thank you

  5. To my knowledge there is no supporting evidence for any sort of “blood type diet.” Anyone eating a healthy diet of plant foods, legumes, small amounts of low-fat meats and fish high in omega 3, is going to be healthier than persons eating western diet of highly processed, refined, high sugar, high fat foods. And some people, not the majority, have sensitivities/allergies to mind. Not everyone, by far, must avoid gluten, for example. That fad is just nuts (apples and vegetables labelled “Gluten Free!” pander to the ignorant). Only those with Celiac disease or true gluten sensitivity need avoid gluten. That’s one example of how we’ve gone nuts with diet fads in the west.

    Consider, when you think about “diets,” that our ancestors did not have a way of knowing what their blood type was. They also had only minimal ways of altering the foods they ate. They ate the foods available to them, hunting, gathering, ultimately farming, and NOT heavily processing their food. In my humble opinion, all these fad diets are only designed to correct for our mistakes in processing foods to accommodate our sugar and fat addictions, essentially. But, (if I insert my cynical side) some people have made a lot of money making it complicated.

    In a world that has become as confusing and complicated as our has, where now so many diseases as obesity, heat disease, cancer, diabetes, etc., persist despite our apparent best efforts, we all want to have control over our health. Sometimes the answer to complexity is just simplicity–eat a sensible, clean, diet consisting of foods as natural, unprocessed, and varied as possible.

    One of many helpful links below. My best to you and all.

    1. OK, but the argument here is not whether people don’t do well on highly processed/refined food or high sugar diets, we all know those aren’t good.
      The blood type diet is just a piece of information that some can use and it’s free.
      And not “Anyone eating a healthy diet of plant foods, legumes, small amounts of low-fat meats and fish high in omega 3, is going to be healthier”. That’s the whole purpose of this blog. Some people do well on a meat diet and others on a plant based diet, others still on a well balanced diet. People are different. Your body’s genome, metabolism, microbiome… your unique genetic individuality is what makes you better suited for a diet of mostly meat or mostly plants… maybe, I’m just trying to find out.
      I’m just curios of the blood type of people eating mostly or only meat, and doing well on this diet. The Eskimos/inuits eat mostly a meat/ high fat diet and have the best cardio-vascular systems, and then there are people that are strict vegetarians and do very well on that.

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