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The Diet – Updated March 2018

By Mikhaila

Jordan Peterson’s Diet (extremely low carb):


  • turkey
  • beef
  • chicken
  • lamb
  • duck
  • wild game is fine too, elk, moose, etc.
  • wild salmon
  • tunacheck the ingredients! Get stuff that’s just tuna and water and perhaps salt.
  • organ meat – chicken liver tastes the best I find
  • wild herring – check the ingredients!
  • wild sardinescheck the ingredients!


  • lettuce
  • arugula
  • arugula microgreens (arugula sprouts)
  • cucumber
  • swiss chard
  • seaweed –check the ingredients! this is hard to find without soy and other things. The brand I’ve linked to is safe and really tasty
  • cilantro
  • collard greens
  • broccoli
  • spinach


  • olives – check the ingredients! see my olive post. be super careful about which brands you buy here too, many have preservatives and flavours and dyes.


  • apple cider vinegar – try to get the organic stuff so there aren’t dyes and flavours added


  • coconut oil – get unrefined. And try to avoid the Nutiva brand. It’s everywhere but it doesn’t taste as good, and I’ve had ones that have gone bad before.
  • olive oil – make sure your olive oil is pure olive oil. Sometimes it’s also soybean oil!


  • salt
  • pepper
  • turmeric

Mikhaila Peterson’s Diet (Zero-carb Lion Diet):

Soda water because I’m a princess

Dad doesn’t tolerate carbs well. He’s cut out sweet potatoes, parsnips, and carrots and is down to JUST meat and greens. Those of you who have been following for a while may see changes from the original diet here. The original diet is what worked for me pre-pregnancy. For whatever reason, I lost the ability to tolerate any carbs (so any vegetable) after/during pregnancy. It took me about 6 months to realize what was going on and then switched to all meat (Dec 2017). Dad may be going zero-carb soon. He can get his mood to a 7-7.5/10 with the above diet but I don’t think that’s good enough. Zero-carb is easier, and there don’t seem to be any downsides. Currently symptom-free and thrilled about it. I also love steak.

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  1. Got your point, though I wasn’t saying there was any argument regarding the western diet. Consider what I wrote without that sentence if you like. The gluten craze is an example of what worries me in fad and “internet” diets. The blood type diet is another one. If it isn’t backed by good science, I believe it is important for people to recognize that.

    “Your body’s genome, metabolism, microbiome… your unique genetic individuality is what makes you better suited for a diet of mostly meat or mostly plants…” True, I am well aware of this for some years (from my education and from a related personal experience) and have previously posted one recommended book on the subject. (“Mind Gut Connection” by Emeran Mayer).

    You bring up a good point with Eskimos (and other indigenous peoples)–They eat what they have most plentiful, which is probably how it was ages back before we became so global, in other areas. They also, important to note, DON’T eat a diet like most westerners do with a significant amount of processed foods. So, is it what they do eat that accounts for their healthy hearts, or what they don’t eat that accounts for westerners’ unhealthy hearts? Also, consider Scandinavians eating fish, Africans eating root vegetables, native Americans eating bison, etc. That means that their bodies and what they passed down generation to generation genetically has a consistency we obviously do not have in our world anymore. If the case can be made that these indigenous people’s all or mostly have the same blood type and that type eats the prescribed type diet, that would lend to the possible validity of a blood type diet.

    Further, the so-called blood type diet provides for several different diet types, none of which are particularly “bad” in and of themselves. People can choose from them and pick which makes them most comfortable, but then I’d like to see studies that prove that the diet those people are choosing and feeling best on turns out to actually be the diet that is prescribed for their blood type. It is not a lot to ask for some simple scientific evidence, I think, before making claims which the originator of the diet has done. More power to him if he’s right!

    Thanks for the dialog on this. Keep well!

  2. thank you for your words 🙂 God bless you. Sorry if I came off a bit strong.
    Just heard Jordan Peterson say on PowerfulJRE he cured his eye floaters (which I have a lot of now and are a real bother) and was wondering what his blood type is (maybe it has nothing to do with anything).

  3. No worries at all, Gabe. If you find out how to deal with floaters, let me in on it! Which JRE episode was it?

  4. All the information on here is very interesting. I do think it’s important to look at all factors and remember we are all different. The understanding of our gut biome is increasing almost daily. I am interested to know if you take vitamin C on your meat only diet as I would have thought you risk getting scurvy?

  5. Holly, the JRE episode #1070 (tried to upload the link, but it just won’t post…awaiting moderation or smth.) from ~2h13min J.Peterson starts talking about diet, cured the floaters in his right eye… says it is some sort of an autoimmune disorder, so I thought it may have some connection with ABO diet (antigens in food and all that Blood type diet theory…).

    🙂 I hope Mikhaila reads this and writes what blood type she and her father are 🙂

    Rowena, I too thought that that meat only diets would kill you in 30 days cause of scurvy/vitC deficiency… but there are people out there on meat only diets for months or even years. And they thermally prepared it too (If you eat the meat raw, it contains some low amounts of vit.C, but if you heat it up…I don’t know how much vitC it would have, if any). Dr. Shawn Baker explains it better (Joe Rogan Experience #1050)… vit.C and glucose use the same pathway to pass into cells, so basically if you eat only meat (probably lightly cooked) your body uses the little you get from it.

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