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The Times Article

By Mikhaila

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  1. These narcissistic journalists and their blood sport of hit pieces…just pathetic. Glad to see you don’t take it too seriously! Many thanks to you for validating my choice to go more carnivore despite so many people telling me a more vegetarian diet would be best. I admit I heard of you through your Dad, but started following your site for your personal views and information. As someone who suffered from a chronic illness for years, I feel great sadness for your suffering, and am inspired by your will to fight. Blessings to you Mikaila!

  2. Wow Mikhaila…unless they had you doctored up in that photo shoot for this article, you’re looking pretty healthy…& hot.? That’s right, I have no shame. But my heart does go out to you for all the intense suffering your body has been wracked with for being as young as you are. It makes me cringe. Have you been checked for high acidity levels from your diet? Maybe the salt helps to negate it, & if you drink enough water, it helps to flush access sodium levels out of your body?

  3. Good for you Mikhaila. There’s a great movie that you can find on youtube called ‘The Magic Pill’ that will help you make your case.

  4. Mikhaila, please please can you get your microbiome mapped? If it comes out with a lack of dysbiosis then this could be an amazingly useful piece of the microbiome puzzle because so far all we get taught is “Eat a diverse range of foods for a healthy microbiome for a healthy body.” I have a feeling from your reports that yours might come out with good results, in spite of the standard mircobiome advice and would love to see this!

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