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The Times Article

By Mikhaila

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  1. That gives great incentive to get rid of the round-up / glyphosate which kills of the flora in our guts in p.p.trillion! As it kills off the soil bacteria which is the plants stomach. This makes sure that nutrients can’t get into the plant and should they get in that we can’t absorb them. (which is also why the produce tastes poor and rots)
    Most celiacs aren’t in fact celiacs but are reacting to the round-up that they spray on the wheat -just to improve harvest a little bit they are poisoning us all.
    The N.Y. times is fake news, guess you get a chance to taste that 1st hand Mikhaila

    1. You mean there’s a difference? : ) What’s the North American version of Euro-centrism? Manifest destiny ?

      If you haven’t seen or heard Alan Savory speak -he did a great 1/2 hour presentation (+1/2 hr q&a)to the students at Harvard (on youtube) that will provide some illumination on the Cain Able story. Just connecting the dots

    2. Usually called ‘The Times of London’ in the US, to avoid confusion with ‘The New York Times’.

      Mikhaila, I bet you never thought your diet would be world news! 🙂

  2. Mikhaila, do you think it’s OK to eat lean beef? i have a hard time finding fatty beef here in europe

    1. You can add butter. It is funny when I was growing up we made fun of my mom because she would butter everything (even croissants) , But she was never overweight, healthy for most of her life. (died of cancer)

  3. Mikhaila, do you think it’s safe to share a dishwasher with glutened dishes? my sister dumps her bread crumb covered dishes straight in the washer

    1. Yeah that’s probably fine. If I’m sharing dishes I just make sure they look clean before I use them. If it’s a new house I’ll wash them first if I’m very concerned.

    2. ok thx, 6days on beef now, starting to feel a small bit better, i hope i feel ‘normal’ again soon!

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