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What Does A Typical Breakfast Look Like?

By Mikhaila

Hate to break it to everyone looking at this blog but, we don’t do breakfast foods.

“What do you do for breakfast?” is probably the number 1 question I’m asked.

Basically…. We don’t do breakfast. I used to eat cheese and toast and eggs. Now that I can’t eat any of those we eat:

Chicken wings, stew, salad, turkey dinner, leftovers, etc. Breakfast is the same as any other meal we eat. Out are smoothies, eggs, cereal, and god forbid – toast.

If you’re looking for speedy options (I’ll add links to recipes when I have time!):

Tuna with salad – lots of olive oil to get your fat and calories in.

I make chicken wings usually (but then you have to wait an hour for food)

Put a stew in the slow cooker and it’ll be ready for the morning. I’ll make a recipe next time I make a stew, but for now: 2 pounds of beef roast/ lower quality steak cuts/ground beef, with some (1-2 cups) chicken broth (or water),  2 sweet potatoes, 2 parsnips, salt, pepper, turmeric and then you have food the next day. Literally just put it all in at the same time and put it on high. Buy a slow cooker if you don’t have one, it’s so useful. Get one with a timer so you can put food in overnight and keep it warm until the morning. It’s worth the extra 15$.

Jerky – with salad

Have tea with 1/2-1 tablespoon of MCT oil. That’ll give you a nice boost in the morning too! (Store the MCT oil in the fridge! A big gulp of rancid MCT oil is extremely nauseating).

You get used to it, promise. And then you don’t get a crash around 11 am from the carby breakfast slowly killing you 🙂 And you’re not hungry all the time (after the first couple of weeks of cravings). I’ll keep coming up with new recipes, but you do get used to this, and it’s worth it. I used to eat basically sugar for breakfast… And it didn’t go over well eventually. You’ll get used to not eating breakfast foods, promise.

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  1. What is your reasoning for not eating eggs? I’ve recently started eating a low carb high fat diet and I eat a lot of eggs in the morning. Is there a particular reason you don’t?

    1. They were a high IgG food. I stopped eating them initially because they made me bloated. But when I got tested, egg whites were a sensitivity. Eggs are a common allergen to many people too, I’d recommend removing them for a while and testing them out later to make sure you’re okay with them

    2. Eggs make me also feel bloated when I eat them too many days in a row. I feel ok when I eat eggs every 2-3 days.

  2. I have been contemplating switching to a mostly plant-based diet but your insights about gluten and carbs has definitely changed my mind.

    I really appreciate the recipes and meals you’ve shared with us so far. Maybe you could create a Youtube channel one day with video recipes. I would subscribe!!

    1. That’s great! I really think plant based diets are not a good way to go. If anything, increase your meat consumption, it seems to be the easiest to digest. I really would like to make a youtube channel but I’m so busy with the baby and my job (and cooking haha). Hopefully when she starts being entertained by toys more I’ll get a chance!

  3. What is this diet FOR???? should everyone eat like this? I am not allergic or sick. Do want to eat healthy craving free and be thin like jordan.

    1. If you’re a healthy person but need to lose weight, try the original diet – that’s the one Dad lost all of his weight on, but we were using it for more than just weight.

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