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Really Important Read – Paleomedicina – Evidence The Lion Diet Works

By Mikhaila

“We believe that the PKD is the only evolutionary adapted diet for humans. Rehabilitation of chronic diseases is most effective when the diet is limited to our real physiological needs. Eating fruits and vegetables does not form part of our physiological need but are associated with risks.”

(PDF) Therapeutic protocol of Paleomedicina Hungary. Available from: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/323151200_Therapeutic_protocol_of_Paleomedicina_Hungary

This place (Paleomedicina) has actual doctors prescribing a high fat meat diet to successfully treat chronic disease. With hugely positive results (much more effective than medication). They’ve treated pregnant women, infants, and breastfeeding women as well. They have found no ill effects of the diet (they call it paleolithic ketogenic, basically a fancy turn for a red meat diet).

Eventually North America will stop with the “it must be a placebo effect” and start actually treating people. Suuuuper exciting. Also extremely satisfying after years of “you’re crazy”. Extremely. Satisfying.

They have a website HERE. (It’s in Hungarian but you can use Google Translate). The case studies are incredible.

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  1. I saw you on Joe rogan and felt the need to to tell you about some things that have helped me. I have been through a similar situation caused by an herb called saw palmetto (a natural finasteride). Others have experienced the same thing with finasteride and ssri’s. If you google post finasteride syndrome (pfs), or pssd you will find other people in a similar situation. Even pot can cause these symptoms because of the high levels of cadmium.

    There are a lot of people working together to find a cure and basically we have learned that there will never be a one size fits all cure. That’s were trace elements inc. and analytical research comes in, two labs that give you a supplement recommendation based on a hair sample. Unlike blood test which is a snap shot of that moment, a hair test is a snap shot of what’s been going on in your body for the last three months.

    We are also working on a cure through electrolytes and hormones, but a hair test is the simplest and most successful so far

    I am having a lot of success with trace elements, and am close to being completely cured. I can’t believe this isnt common knowledge. I could go on and on but I will end it here. Hope this helps someone.

    1. Hair analysis seems to be the best for determining metals (be very careful with chelation especially ‘challenges’ (to prove to doctors who think it’s psychosomatic and that rat poison kills rats but not people), as the d.m.p.s. challenge has made a lot of folks very unhappy it can move a toxin from a place where it’s not bothering you too much to one that really does. The Andy Cutler protocol seems very reasonable but that can use the caveats provided by Dr.William Walsh.
      Hair analysis is non invasive and has no down sides it’s like looking in the rear view mirror as it tells you what you were dumping 3-4 months ago (still better than blood or urine which can reflect only a short term status. Also understand that if you didn’t show any cadmium in your hair or in your blood or urine -that doesn’t mean that you aren’t toxic with cadmium. It turns out that folks suffering are the ones hanging onto their metals and they are not being released. and why these protocols have utility it turns out that getting the skinny on your toxin status is hard to do.

      David is offering good advice imo. David have you come across Thomas Janossy and oradix.com? Might find some very useful insights. (an aside: He quotes a large Swiss study that tracked some 25,000 people who had had chelation therapy and they tracked these people for quite a while and expected -given their ages and cancer rate that something like 7,500 should have died from cancer. Only to discover that only 1 died!! That is profound.

      There are some well versed folks out that what they do is they start with a hair analysis and then as suggested by what you are dumping they prescribe clean minerals -no fillers etc. and then since certain minerals can have the property of being agonists they can push other minerals out so retesting 4 months later and then by contrasting the 2 tests you can get a picture or suggestion of what your metal situation is. So then a new regemin of minerals are in order.

      Since the skin is the best detox organ (say this because pushing toxins out of the liver is like trying to move a golf ball around with your nose slow and tedious) if you feel better as Mikhaila does doing f.i.r. saunas -Joe didn’t understand that Rhonda Patrick was talking about heat and cold shock proteins not the toxin dumping effects that she was observing. (Loved your comment Mikhaila to Joe about studying the food pyramid!) Which is also why you want to towel off while in there so as to not re-absorb the toxins on your skin. This is the easiest and best way to dump metals, though may not be complete, without glutathione -s-transferase -#1 detoxifier of cells.

      The comments about cadmium and pot are very interesting I understand cigarettes are also high in cadmium. Smokers trying to quit should consider adding niacinamide B3 to their regimen as it is similar in some respects to nicotinamide.

      G.M.O.’s and round-up are giving heavy metals more access into the grains which is another reason to want to go 100% grass fed, especially since you are eating higher up the food chain. Mikhaila in your conversation with Joe Rogan you affirmed this by stating how you didn’t feel as good eating chicken. Since cattle are raised on pasture until they are either finished in a feed lot on the grains or in the case of 100% grassfed finished on grass. Means that they had access to grasses and forbs for much of their lives which is how the nutrition got in -not with these nutrient thieving g.m.o. grains (my generation (I’m the same age as your dad) can recall doing well on grains this was pre -gmo and latest hybridization and those grains came from mixed farms where the fields were in better shape -capable of delivering nutrients to the grain. Chicken being raised on the new improved ‘modern’ agri-horror show nonsense – g.m.o. grains have little to no minerals in it. It’s nutrient void! If you were to eat chicken raised on pasture and a natural diet -insect raised chicken with no gmo grain you would notice that you did better with it.

    2. Rob, agree on a hair tissue mineral analysis, but with a couple points of emphasis.

      1, Only two labs do the test without washing the hair – Analytical Research Labs, and Trace Elements. When hair is washed, a key mineral is washed out which screws up a key ration – I think it is potassium, but I can’t recall right now. Given that the sodium potassium membrane electrical potential is what drives nutrients into the cell and “exhaust” out of the cell, getting potassium correct is absolutely critical.

      2. The results have to be correctly interpreted. For example, if the body is storing excess unbound copper, it might not show up as excreting on hair tissue mineral analysis. In other words, a low copper reading could be an indication of high unbound toxic copper storage in the body.

    3. Thanks Jeff
      Regarding your first point. Sounds like something to research. Probably potassium. We almost never suffer a shortage of sodium unless you are on a keto / paleo / carnivore type diet. We source real salt -mined vs synthetic which lacks the trace minerals and has been cut.

      Long term detoxing from sweating in the f.i.r. saunas (understand that 17 times more toxins were found in the sweat vs a regular sauna) and diet will help. Unless you are suffering from excessive metals or other toxins that require methylation or chelation to get out. Finding people who really know this subject is a challenge there are armies of folks willing to experiment on you. So would think that self education is required.

      W/r/t your second point – I made that observation in my second paragraph (above), no harm in re-stating that observation which emphasizes the reality that this will take time and realistically more than a few tests spaced over a year.

      G.S.H. (lipospheric) is a good idea. You can make it yourself generally for a fraction of the cost that some are trying to do. Check out some of my earlier comments in other threads of Mikhaila’s for more suggestions if so inclined.

    4. Thanks for your comment Jeff and Rob, a lot of good points. The great thing about a hair test from tei and arl is that they have fine tuned the process. They give you recommend supps from a computer program based on your hair. A lot of work has gone into this. Like jeff said low copper can actually represent copper over load but the computer program can recognize this based on other minerals and ratios. It’s not 100% but it’s the best we have so far.

      You can tell a lot more from a hair test than just heavy metal toxicity. Minerals are the precursors to hormones. It’s really complex but copper is basically estrogen, zinc is testosterone, iron is dht, potassium is progesterone and cortisol, soduim is adrenaline, and so on. Mineral balancing is a very powerful tool.

      The biggest problem I see from people getting hair test is they try to interpret themselves and come up with there own protocol. Just take what is recommended by tei or arl.

      The biggest issues with gmo’s are they have been created with no natural defense so they are low in glutothion and other antioxidants. Glutothion is the main detoxers in the body and if if that process is impaired and you can’t recycle it in the body you get all kinds of issues.

    5. hello
      i took finasteride and it messed up my erectile functioning to a severe degree. its been 4 years and i havent gotten better. anything you can point me towards would be great. thanks.

    6. Hi Adam,

      For some reason I can’t reply below you so I am putting it here.

      Sorry to here about your situation, I know what you are going through. Basically a trace elements hair test and take there recommended supplements is the best thing you can do.

      You can contact me at dumford6@protonmail.com
      If you have more questions.

    7. Hi Rob,

      It sounds like your survey of the relevant information has led to many of the same conclusions as mine.

      I would like to throw out a couple ideas that may have been brought up before.

      1. The parasympathetic nervous system should be engaged when eating. It is the rest, digest, regenerate part of the autonomic nervous system. The sympathetic nervous system is the fight or flight (no time to efficiently digest) part of the autonomic nervous system. Maybe some light relaxation, meditation, and deep breathing are in order before eating.

      2. Avoid diluting your digestive enzymes during a meal. I drink my spring water about 20 minutes before a meal and then wait about 2 hours after a meal to drink again. Waiters and waitresses react like I must be an alien. Details matter – and this is actually a big detail.

      Which brings up a question – are people with this condition just drinking water?

      3. Chew, chew, chew. I watched a video that described how the body had to deal with undigested food. It sounded pretty bad. Whether it is actually that bad or not, the bottom line is that it makes sense to chew, chew, chew. It has been said that we should try to drink our food and chew our liquids.

      PS – Regarding DIY liposomes, I’ll post this instruction set geared towards vitamin C (ascorbic acid). I’m sure it can be applied to glutathione as well. One of these days, I plan to make liposomal whole food vitamin C complex (not just the ascorbic acid shell).

      Quality Liposomal Vitamin C – Introduction

    1. Susma,

      My approach to trying to figure out how to optimize human wellness is to do a survey of a number of different source, identify which approaches seem to make the most sense, and then try them out. Ayurveda is one of the oldest wellness paradigms out there, no? It also covers an awful lot.

      Do you have experience with its concepts that you can share?

    2. Replying to Jeff
      Some reason can’t reply just below his comment. Anyway one of the reasons
      that I like Oradix.com and their tox/detox is that you get a much higher dose of glutathione while sleeping which means you are in parasympathetic mode.
      My son had a profoundly positive response with it.

      The ultrasonic jewelry cleaners work but also Tony P has done some Utoob vids on how to do it. copy and paste into their search: ‘herbs + beadworks liposomes’

      Digestion is huge one caveat aside from chewing which is smart is to avoid any carbonated drinks of any kind as the carbonation interferes with your stomach acid. Think fast food meals -they all have pop. It should be illegal but I digress.

  2. Thank you for sharing your story. I have some of the same symptoms as you. But in earlier state and I’ve been living super healthy for years. I really consider trying your diet.but I believe I can cure myself but don’t know how, yet.

    I also suspect a mobile/cell antenna within 150m of my house. And I suspect our local water is polluted. And I suspect heavy metal poisoning, parasites, tick, vaccines and antibiotics.

    Many years ago I had a whip lash but I found an alternative treatment/therapy called cranio sacral that help me with that. I also suspect that to be root cause.

    I don’t use the health care system at all, doctors etc. cause i don’t find them to be helpful or professional.

    I’m curious, did you get tested for heavy metal poisonings?
    Do you live near a mobile/cell antenna?
    Do your house or a nabourgh house have electric sunpanels?
    Did you try moving to a remote place where there’s no wifi etc for some weeks/months to see if that changed anything?

    I have an advise. Get your psoas muscles released. Find a therapist that know how to release psoas.

    Again thanks

    Michael from Denmark

    1. Hi Michael
      Something that may help you is to learn about Magda Havas she’s a prof at Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario. She has been warning about the real dangers of wifi, smart meters and cell phones. Inverters from solar panels, ground electricity, and
      the higher frequencies riding on the hydro lines negatively affect us. It’s been observed that Amish have much lower rates of diabetes which is in part or full a function of the lack of hydro in their homes. When you current through a wire it generates an invisible field along the length of the wire. Throw out your microwave! Or do we take the argument that the Swiss and Russian scientists don’t know their stuff. Also suggest
      switching all fluorescent lights with non dimmable leds. (my trifield meter shows that dimmable led create the fields. Bee’s do not like these fields and will avoid them. The bee problems disappear for the most part when they go up north far from the madding crowd. The saturation of fields will imo ultimately make cities unlivable.

      In Wisconsin in the U.S. farmers noted that their dairy cattle were jittery and producing much less milk. They discovered that in North America anyway that when the demands for hydro power increased (we use a system called 3 wire Edison) the return wire (+ 2-115 volts wires = 3) would have had to be increased in size to carry the increased amperage back to the substations and so to save $ they put a wire from the transformer ( that steps the voltage down -Tesla’s solution to line loss) to the ground and use the ground to return the unused voltage back to the substation. This means that there is a continual a.c. voltage can be up to about 4-5 volts in places traveling through the ground. The dairy cattle their drinking bowls are metal and since electricity
      travels the path of least resistance it would go into the bowel and through them to ground.

      Dirty electricity is real, genetically modified foods are increasing peoples exposure and increasing the levels of heavy metals in them. Fluoride allows heavy metals to cross the blood brain barrier where you become then a better antenna.

      There’s a great company called Stetzerelectric.com that makes filters that lower these fields in the house. People who are sensitive to the fields find that if they get out of the city and go into the woods / or fields that they feel much better. Using the stetzer filters if they get the numbers down on the Stetzer tester which is essentially a tuned oscilloscope will show you your exposure levels. I have found that we feel much better when the numbers are lower or even when the power goes out.

      An p.k,d. diet will change whether you run on sugar or whether you run on ketones.
      Ketones are a choice fuel for the brain and help to limit your exposure to a bunch of poisons. A Jen dah twenny 1 -feel the love!

      hope this helps.

  3. Hi Mikhaila,
    I am not really sure if these comments are seen by you directly but I love the JRE and am watching your episode as I lay wide awake for what will be the 5th night of some brutal insomnia. No stranger to it, at all, but familiarity doesn’t take away the discomfort and aggravation. Your episode is really something because it is one of those funny almost paranormal coincidences where something is happening in your thoughts and then magically these thoughts are manifested into something tangible that almost points your life in that direction. What I mean is, I am rounding the corner to 30, a single mom of a young son, and a person with the most complicated, multi-systemic, open-ended, multi-faceted, unsolved health history. I came out of the womb with eczema covering my body, it was quite unusual and rarely seen in newborns. I’ve been at finding out what’s wrong on and off for my entire life. I do feel scared my health problems will take my life away from me. I have had a really sad and what seems like a losing battle with depression and in the last 2 years anxiety. I’ve gotten fed up here…like in the last 3 weeks, really 3 months, but game changing frustration has bit me in the ass for 3 weeks. I’m so sick and so sad. I can’t do this! My life is not a life. The ONLY thing I haven’t tried is diet. Seems stupid of me now. I recently found out I have the MTHFR mutation along with many others including one related to Vitamin D. Your descriptions of your experiences mirror mine except for the arthritis. After going through one of my phases where I get a fire under my ass and start seeing every type of medical professional all over again to attempt to find answers, I was left with one of the most fascinating results I have seen from all my different tests. This was in 2011, I gave up after this because I didn’t know what the hell to do. So I was seeing a brand-new gastroenterologist and he wanted to do allergy testing with foods because we were talking about my allergy(outdoor/indoor) history and how insanely severe it was as a child. We did one basic panel and it was a skin test. I lit up like a fucking bingo card. Here’s where it gets weird. The doctor was like whoa you’re positive on a 3/4 scale for every food, I’m sending you to get allergy tested in your blood. So I did. All negative. Every single one. When I asked well what do I do, what does that mean, the doctor told me it means you don’t have allergies. And I said don’t have allergies, then why did my skin test react like that, she said “I don’t know but you don’t have allergies.” For some reason I got really pissed off by it and gave up on the medical route once again. I can’t sit and tell you everything over a comment. I already am all over the place here because there is SO much and because I am exhausted. I don’t want to be a pest. I’m sure this is annoying by itself and probably gets old to have people telling you all their problems like Dr. Phil. I’m just at my end here. I can’t do this anymore. I can’t even keep up with my son and I’m 110 pounds. I’ve been on a slew of antidepressants and other psych meds to treat my fucking horrific depression. In my fury these leading weeks I looked down at my prescription pill box, yeah box, and I said yeah, no I’m not taking this shit anymore. And I remember saying out loud, I have to heal my brain. So I stopped taking the ones safe to stop abruptly, did the same with some not safe to stop abruptly, and all I have left is gabapentin for pain and anxiety and a blood pressure med for sleep. But those are going to. The physical withdrawal was a surprise in which I hope the worst is over. But the mental…it could last a long time. My neurotransmitters may take 2 years to self regulate. I need to work faster than that. I have to heal my brain and my body and my life. I am so unhappy and I really am not living at all. I know the answer is in diet. I’ve known it was significant but do not know what to do or how. With my health history, how the fuck do I take ALL of those ailments into consideration and change my life by chewing shit?! Not actual shit, like food. Anyway, I don’t know. I’m so miserable coming off these meds I am barely eating. I smoke weed, drink a fuck ton of water, and cry. Haha! Hmm at least it made me laugh to say. The point is, I don’t know who you are I’ll be honest. I plan to do some research after this. I don’t know if you’re really famous and hard to get ahold of. I don’t even know if you can get ahold of people with any notoriety. But, I would really like to talk to you. I would. I think you can help me. And I’m not saying you can be the one to change my life, no I am. It’s just, I have never listened to anybody talk, ever, where I was filled with overwhelming emotion because you sounded like me. There’s someone like me. And this someone figured out how to help themselves through this funky diet that may not be right for me but it might not be wrong. I’m really desperate. I’m a college-educated woman with a young son and I lay in bed every chance I can, every single day. I have laid in the bed for years. Years. And I just really, really want to wake up.


    1. Your life sounds rough and rocky and your son a talisman of hope. I don’t know if I would have gone off the meds like that, but I’m not you in your situation. Mikhaila does do consultations, where she just talks to people (by her own description) https://mikhailapeterson.com/consultations/ You could just start eating beef, salt, and water also. Could you tell us what your diet is at the moment?

    2. Hi, Melanie! An all-meat diet will help you tremendously. There are lots of Facebook groups like Zeroing In On Health, World Carnivore Tribe, Zero Carb Health, and others who will all help you make the transition. Best of luck.

    3. Melanie, I’m so glad you heard Mikhaila on Joe’s podcast and that you wrote here. Hang in there! You absolutely can get better. The answer, as you now know, isn’t with conventional medicine, and it isn’t with pharmaceuticals. But there are answers, and this community can help you. Definitely check out the sites Spartacus mentioned, below, and I’d also recommend Dr. Kelly Brogan’s book, A Mind of Your Own. She doesn’t recommend zero carb, but there’s lots of other great information in her book, and depending on what your diet looks like now, her dietary approach could help. And if it doesn’t, the zero carb diet that Mikhaila is following has had almost miraculous results for many people who have been very sick for a long time. You can get better! Good luck!

  4. > Also extremely satisfying after years of “you’re crazy”.

    I’m willing to give this diet a go. I’ll share symptoms/results if it works. Somebody please find me somewhere I can buy clean Jerky in the UK though. Seriously! All the stuff I see is full of crap/marinade.

    1. Got one on order, now to find a butcher who sells more variety of beef than stew meat and minced meat…

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